3air Plans to Solve Africa’s Internet Access Problems Using CoinQuora’s Blockchain


3air plans to solve internet access problems in Africa using blockchain

3air is a blockchain-based startup that seeks to solve persistent internet access problems in Africa.

The African continent has been grappling with the digital divide for decades. Most people in Africa depend on mobile internet providers to access the internet. These connections are often limited in bandwidth, spotty and expensive.

3air aims to address these issues and deliver better internet solutions by leveraging a unique combination of innovative wireless technology and a blockchain platform. Its users will access the Internet over high-speed Internet connections and use digital services, manage their identities and even establish lines of credit. The company also plans to provide innovative services such as broadband sharing, data privacy and tokenization, which would reward users with more than just better internet access.

3air in brief

According to recent statistics, Africa faces overwhelming obstacles on the way to modernization due to unreliable internet services.

3air seeks to improve broadband access for all through its proprietary wireless Internet technology, through its partnership with K3 Telecom. The Swiss telecommunications provider has an already established customer base of several thousand users in Sierra Leone who will initiate use of the platform at launch.

By using wireless technology, 3air bypasses the lack of wired infrastructure in African countries. The technology connects its base stations to fiber networks established on the continent and to major connectivity locations. It then broadcasts its signal to end users. A base station can support up to 15,000 users within a 50 km radius, providing high-speed Internet access at speeds of up to 1 gigabyte per second.

According to the company, the base stations will occupy strategic locations around the city. The trans-receivers will be used to transmit a better Internet connection to homes and businesses in the area. This process should make Internet access more efficient, cost effective and reliable to support the local economy.

Cardano-Powered Decentralization

In addition to providing Internet access, 3air seeks to empower its users to transact and conduct business online. Cardano’s Atala PRISM solution will be used to create and manage verifiable digital identities for platform participants. Using their digital identities, 3air users can authenticate with other third-party services and store verifiable personal information on the blockchain. With their digital IDs, users may be able to establish credit scores to prove good credit in a bank loan application, for example.

In areas where the majority of the population does not have a bank account, the implications of accessing digital services have the potential to transform local economies. Participants in the platform will have the opportunity to work, learn and bank online, regardless of the current lack of infrastructure in the region.

3air relies on blockchain to develop its blockchain platform and connect its Internet users. The 3air token is a native Cardano token, which the company uses to power its platform. Some of the token utilities include bankless payments for monthly subscriptions, staking, insurance provision, token locks for hardware maintenance, agents, rewards and referrals systems, and IoT. Its upcoming 3air channel will provide telecoms with unauthorized data management solutions that respect confidentiality and potentially bandwidth tokenization. The company may also carry out regular token redemptions.

On the way to becoming a decentralized platform, 3air seeks to equip its users with even more capabilities. On the one hand, 3air token holders will have control of the 3air community pool funds. They can allocate funds to local projects or initiate symbolic burns. Over time, 3air seeks to decentralize further to a point where the development and direction of the platform is driven by the community.

Bandwidth (NASDAQ 🙂 Sharing can result in massive reach of Internet connectivity at reduced costs. The additional benefits are cheaper infrastructure, optimized use of bandwidth and data sharing.

3air’s sustainable bandwidth sharing model will provide shared and free internet access points around the world and enable roaming capabilities. Its first installations will be in restaurants, shopping malls and populated areas that can benefit the most from 3air.

3air connectivity through partnerships

3airs’ strategic partnerships support future developments. K3, in collaboration with 3air, has successfully carried out a pilot project “Cable in the air” in Sierra Leone. The program was implemented in the most difficult weather and market conditions to uncover potential challenges and test its technological capabilities.

In addition, 3air has entered into vital partnerships with CV Labs global, iceaddis and IT TIM. These partnerships support the company’s business development efforts in international and regional markets, as well as the technological development of the blockchain platform.

According to a recent World Bank report, expanding broadband access in low-income countries could increase GDP by around 6%. In Nigeria alone, there is about $ 60 billion in untapped annual income. However, according to World Bank estimates, providing Africa with traditional connectivity options would cost more than $ 100 billion and take more than ten years.

3air aims to accomplish this feat in months, not years. The company seeks to orient Africa’s Internet access solutions on the modern path of decentralization. Instead of using a slow and expensive traditional connectivity infrastructure, the company aims to provide low-cost, high-quality internet at faster speeds.

Since its launch, 3air has enjoyed increasing media coverage and a rapidly growing community across multiple social media and messaging platforms. Several influencers and news outlets have introduced the company and are closely following developments in its platform and token. The project is growing rapidly to become one of the most promising solutions of tomorrow for Internet connectivity in Africa.

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