5 easy ways to test your internet speed


The Internet is a great tool to use in today’s world. However, internet speed can be an issue that plagues many. Some people may complain about slow performance, while others may experience websites crashing a few seconds after loading.

If you find yourself constantly waiting for the internet to load, there are several tests you can perform yourself. A internet speed test should be finished in minutes and should quickly show you how fast your internet connection is charging.

This article introduces some easy ways to test your internet speed. The following blog post lists some easy ways to test your internet speed on any device.

5 easy ways to test your internet speed

1. HTML5 Speed ​​Test

It’s probably one of the best tests you can do alone, with a friend or loved one. It’s perfect for someone who wants to see how fast their internet is loading. Many websites offer this service, but I recommend atuweb.com as it provides an interactive tool that allows you to save and track your results.

Go to atuweb.com and find your internet service provider to perform a speed test. Then enter the information in the form and click Start Test. It will almost immediately show you your connection speed.

2. Speedtest.net speed test

Speedtest.net is another service provided by atuweb that allows you to accurately test your internet speed. It’s a bit more comprehensive as it offers multiple tests instead of just two, but it’s still fairly easy to use and complete with very little patience or effort. Go to Speedtest.net and click the Start Test button to perform a speed test.

3. iPerf -Network Tool

This is a program that will allow you to run tests with other people simultaneously and monitor the results to see how fast everyone is loading on the internet. You can perform simple tests or extensive tests. It is a handy tool to have as it will help you troubleshoot any issues that may exist on the network you are currently using. Go to iperf.fr and click download iPerf in the upper right corner to perform a speed test.

4. Network Utility on Mac

Network Utility on Mac is a program that will help you run tests and monitor the results to see how fast the internet is loading. It allows you to perform simple tests or in-depth tests, and it is a handy tool to have as it will help you troubleshoot any issues that may exist on the network you are currently using. This test is available on Windows, but this tool will be explained in more detail as it focuses on using your Mac.

How to perform a speed test:

  1. First, navigate to the application folder on your Mac and find the network utility.
  2. Open it up and you’ll see a list of the different tests it can run.
  3. Next, click on the Network Link Conditioner tab.
  4. It will display another page, which will allow you to perform another test with your Internet connection.

5. Advanced Internet Services Test Suite

This test is perfect for those who are really into computers. This test lets you see how many packets per second your connection is running and how many milliseconds it takes to send data back and forth. To test your Internet connection with the Advanced Internet Services Test Suite, go to the address provided and click on the downloaded file. It will display a few tabs for you to choose from. Click on the one that highlights MS Network Meter, and it will run a test on your connection to see how fast it is.


Please note that if you’re having trouble with your internet connection, it’s probably not due to the connection speed, but rather a problem somewhere on your network. For example, suppose you experience little or no download speed, and browsing websites becomes almost impossible. Of course, many other factors can play a role in internet speed issues, especially if you have an older router that has seen better days. Nevertheless, these tests should help identify any problems in your home.


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