After 20 days without the internet, a Union County woman turns to WBTV for answers


WAXHAW, NC (WBTV) — Natalie Griffin keeps a tight schedule.

Everything from doctor’s appointments to watching her grandson is written in pencil. But there’s a new entry that pops up repeatedly in her diary; how many days union county woman went without internet at home. Spoiler alert: it’s been 20 years.

“It’s been exhausting, and we’re exasperated at this point and don’t know what else to do,” she said.

Griffin says May 26 is the day her Frontier Communications internet service stopped streaming to her home in rural Waxhaw. Her neighbors, including Griffin’s daughter who lives next door, also lost service. But she says everyone’s service was restored within days except her own.

“I still don’t understand why my immediate neighbors within walking distance have restored their internet connection and we still have no internet.”

Griffin doesn’t know what officially caused the outage, but she says a technician told her road construction in the area could be the culprit.

“Obviously lines or cables were cut,” Griffin told WBTV.

Griffin and her husband called Frontier – the only provider available to them – time and time again.

“Every time we call, it’s like the first time. We go through the same questions. Well, are your cables plugged in? Have you checked your connections outside,” she said.

Griffin says Frontier has sent technicians who tell him every time his service is fixed — except it’s not.

She makes do by using cellular data — while paying her monthly bill — for an Internet that doesn’t exist.

“I would like to ask whoever is in charge, how would you like not to have internet for 20 days?”

WBTV contacted Frontier Communications and although they haven’t sent us a statement yet, they called Griffin on Wednesday night.

She says she was told the company would send someone Thursday morning to fix the problem.

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