Angel Round led by Swiss crypto shop CoinNexus


The growth of decentralized ecosystems has been exponential and the application of its use cases seems to have no limits, with full adoption in sight, there has never been a better time to launch WallStreetNinja.

Neuchâtel, Switzerland, November 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain thread) WallStreetNinja “The unstoppable ecosystem” (aka WSN) is a clear example of how the computing space under the premise of a Web3 can generate an intrusion into disruptive technology such as blockchain: multi-decentralized product possibilities -channels and decentralized applications interconnected via a single session and without friction via the WSN Web DApp at internet speed.

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In order to change the decentralized sector and support a set of innovative projects in the blockchain space, CoinNexus has become an early stage funder of WSN by leading the Angels’ Turn to develop this disruptive project with other partners from leading companies such as DarkPool Ventures and Midas Touch Consulting, which led the WSN incubation.

CoinNexus is a Swiss-based Crypto Boutique company whose two founders have more than 20 years of experience in the decentralized technology sector. The main activity of CoinNexus is the management of its own portfolio of crypto assets and the brokerage of selected projects for its clients as well as advice.

Regarding the alliance, Fabio Bossi, Vice President of CoinNexus, said “We were very impressed with the professionalism and deep commitment of the team. WSN is one of the most interesting projects we have come across in recent years and it has the potential to bring decentralization to the masses.

With this new alliance and partnership, WallStreetNinja will receive a strategic investment that provides not only capital, but also advice from a team experienced in financial markets, cryptocurrency and technology. This will help to diversify the value creation options for users of the WSN ecosystem.

In this regard, the team behind WallStreetNinja stated that “CoinNexus’ entry into the group of investors who believe in WSN’s unique and groundbreaking proposition in the decentralized sector, is a sign of the growing interest of institutional investors for decentralized ecosystems in the making. “


Tailor-made company based in Switzerland offering innovative crypto brokerage solutions to institutional and HNWI clients. Innovations include the automated buying and selling of bitcoin (BTC) through their fully-integrated, institutional-grade API.

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WallStreetNinja (WSN) provides users with streamlined access to a decentralized ecosystem chain of their choice from a single web application. WSN is taking the self-service wallet segment to the next level with decentralized IT and blockchain relays.

Follow WallStreetNinja developments on: Website

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