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First of all, I don’t own any Apple device. My significant other does, however, and my question is meant to help him.

Several years ago our Internet service provider went bankrupt. Our associated email address came with it and we were advised to delete important emails as soon the provider would no longer exist. It all happened.

An unforeseen problem has arisen because of this.

Due to Apple’s methods, you have to log into “apple” to change things. Of course, they ask you to log into your account and enter your password. Problem is, they use the non-existent email address to verify information even when we’ve changed it multiple times!

Of course, we called support several times. We even asked tech support to update the email address to the current one. We have told them over and over again that the “old” address is no longer valid. “Oh, we’re going to change it” ……. never happens. And the delays! Ask a question and get your answer 2 days later? How is this useful?

So the photos should be deleted in the cloud and of course Apple suggests to connect to the old address … again !! So the question is, does anyone know how to get rid of old login credentials with Apple so that it doesn’t continue to be a problem? Asking them for help is frustrating.


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