Best internet promotions of January 2022


Fast speeds for a right price make for big internet offers, but the best internet providers know they have to do a little more to earn your business. This is where limited-time promotional offers and signup bonuses come in. Gift cards are still a popular choice, but a free subscription to a premium service or other extras, like a free service for one month, are available depending on the ISPs available in your area.

Below we are sharing our top picks for the best internet promotions in the month of January. These offers are subject to change and they do change often, so check back regularly for the best internet deals.

Who has the best internet deal right now?

Verizon Fios has arguably the best internet promotion going on, if you’re interested in gigabit service, of course. New customers can win a $ 200 gift card, a one-year subscription to two popular streaming services, as well as free equipment and 2TB of cloud storage space.

Gig service aside, you’ll find the best gift card promotions from AT&T Fiber and Optimum, as both providers offer $ 200 gift cards. Optimum also offers one month of free service, as do RCN (in some locations) and Windstream.

Top internet offers for January 2022

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How to get it: Order any AT&T Fiber plan online. Order the gigabit service to receive the HBO Max offer.

AT&T is known for frequently giving out gift cards, and this January is no exception. All AT&T Fiber plans – that is, AT&T Fiber 300, 500 and 1000 – come with a $ 200 gift card just for signing up online. Gift card offer is not available with AT&T Internet (a DSL-based service) or AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet.

In addition to the gift card, AT&T Fiber 1000 includes a free subscription to HBO Max. It’s not a trial subscription either: HBO Max is included at no additional cost as long as you have the plan, an ongoing value of $ 15 per month.

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AT&T Home Internet

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How to get it: Register online for the FiberOptic Gig service.

As with Verizon Fios, Frontier’s gift card offerings vary by plan. To get the maximum gift card amount, $ 200, you’ll need to sign up for Frontier’s most expensive plan, Gig Service. Even though this is the more expensive plan, it’s a pretty good deal on its own, with download speeds of up to 940 Mbps for $ 70 per month. On top of that, the gigabit plan comes with an Eero Pro 6 mesh Wi-Fi system included at no additional cost.

If you don’t need gigabit speed, Frontier FiberOptic 500/500 comes with a $ 100 gift card, but the 50/50 plan doesn’t. Frontier DSL also does not have any incentives or special offers available at this time. The Eero Pro 6 offer is also not available with a Frontier plan other than the gig service.

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Wind current

How to get it: Be a new customer or a former customer who has not received Kinetic service in the past 30 days and retain the service for at least six months.

In some regions, Kinetic by Windstream offers free service to new or repeat customers for three months. Other locations may only be eligible for a single month, while others may still not be eligible for free service, but all new Kinetic customers can get an instant $ 100 credit upon signing up.

If you can get a month (or three) of free service, don’t expect your bill to be zero. Taxes and fees, including the monthly equipment fee of approximately $ 10, still apply. Additionally, if you decide to cancel service before the six month mark, Kinetic may cancel that bill credit.

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Kinetic Internet


How to get it: Register online for the Optimum 300, 500 or gigabit plans.

New customers signing up for Optimum Internet 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and gig plans will receive a $ 200 gift card as well as a free HBO Max subscription, valued at $ 15 per month. The gift card is the same for all plans, but the HBO Max offer varies by plan. Optimum 300 comes with HBO Max for three months, while Optimum 500 comes with six months of streaming service, and Optimum Gig includes a full year.

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Optimal internet


How to get it: Eligible customers in select areas will receive up to $ 200 in gift cards and bill credit for one or two months of service at the standard rate during the first six billing cycles.

RCN is one of the only major internet service providers to entice new customers with gift cards and free service, but it’s only available in certain areas. New York customers will receive the biggest payout with a $ 200 gift card and two months of free service. Those in the Philadelphia area can qualify for a $ 100 gift card and one month of free service, while residents of the Lehigh Valley area will receive one month of free service but no gift card.

If you live in other RCN service areas – Boston, Chicago and Washington, DC – you can still enjoy RCN service benefits such as free installation and unlimited data, but there are currently no offers from free service available.

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How to get it: Sign up for Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection.

Verizon really wants you to sign up for the concert service. New customers who sign up for Verizon’s Faster Fios plan can get a $ 200 gift card, free Wi-Fi router and extender rental, 2TB of Verizon Cloud storage (a $ 15 value per month) plus five dollars off their bill for one year when they also sign up for auto-pay. Customers also have the option to forgo the gift card and streaming subscriptions to receive $ 300 off a Stream TV soundbar.

Those who sign up for the 400 Mbps will receive a $ 100 gift card while the lowest speed, 200 Mbps, also comes with the lowest gift card, $ 50. Regardless of the plan and gift card, all new Verizon Fios internet customers will receive a one-year subscription to AMC Plus and Disney Plus, worth a total of $ 164.

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Verizon fios

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How to get it: Sign up for the Xfinity Gigabit plan for a $ 200 gift card. Sign up for any standard Xfinity Internet plan online to receive a free 4K streaming device.

Upgrading to a faster (and more expensive) plan isn’t always worth the extra cost, especially if it’s faster than you need, but Xfinity encourages you to revisit those faster plans with its incentives. . Xfinity’s fastest wired internet plan, Gigabit, not only comes with a generous speed of up to 1,200 Mbps, but also comes with a $ 200 gift card. Other stand-alone Xfinity Internet plans do not come with a gift card.

If you don’t need gigabit speeds but still want something to sign up for Xfinity, the provider is offering an exclusive Flex 4K streaming device to all customers who sign up for a 50 Mbps or higher Xfinity plan. . The Flex 4K device comes with dozens of preloaded apps like Netflix and Pandora, a voice remote, and a subscription to the NBC Peacock streaming service at no additional cost.

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Xfinity Internet

Internet promotions faq

Is the promotional offer worth signing up for a new internet service?

Promotional offers are great, but they shouldn’t be the only consideration when choosing a particular internet service or plan. The best value for money often lies in the plan that delivers the speed you need at the lowest price. Anything on top of that, like gift cards or free streaming services, is welcome, but if that makes you pay a premium for more speed than necessary, the signup bonus was not worth it. maybe not worth it.

For example, let’s say you’re shopping for Frontier FiberOptic Internet and you’re interested in the 500 Mbps plan, which includes a $ 100 gift card. Then you see the concert plan, which costs an additional $ 20 per month, but comes with a $ 200 gift card. So after five months the extra $ 100 you received with the concert service is gone, and you are left with an extra $ 20 per month for a plan that has more speed than you need. In short, always try to go for the best plan for your needs, not necessarily the plan with the highest instant gratification.

What other Internet promotions are available?

Other than the promotions listed above, there isn’t much worth writing home about. Sure, some providers have lower introductory prices or free installation offers, but it’s so common among ISPs now that they could hardly be considered “promotions”.

That’s not to say that other specials aren’t available, they just aren’t as heavily advertised or may not be available to all residential customers. When you sign up for a new Internet service, ask the Internet service provider what other special offer they can offer you.

Can existing Internet customers benefit from promotional offers?

Internet promotions are often reserved for new customers or loyal customers who have been away for more than a year. That’s not to say that a lower price or a deal to upgrade to a faster speed isn’t available, however. Try calling your current ISP and ask what they can do to keep you active. It may not get you anything, but it could you get a lower rate, free equipment, or something that hasn’t been advertised online. Hey, you never know, it never hurts to ask.

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