Broadband could see its tariffs revised in the near future: co-founder of Meghbela Broadband

The days of ultra-low telecom tariffs are now over and the next in line is broadband as current tariffs bleed, an internet service provider said on Sunday. All the major telecom majors have increased their tariffs by 20% from their respective levels, affirming the need to maintain activity.

“Like telecommunications Internet services, the ARPU (Average Revenue Per Customer) for broadband also needs to be corrected, as service providers are bleeding in the current customer acquisition war. A 15-20% increase is needed to make current services viable. Meghbela Broadband co-founder Tapabrata Mukherjee told PTI.

Now, to keep up with the market trend, Over The Top (OTT) streaming service needs to be provided free of charge, putting cost pressure on Internet service providers.

He said, however, that national telecom leaders like Airtel, Jio will have to take the initiative to revise their tariff, otherwise small players will have to maintain parity with the current tariff structure to prevent customer leakage.

Market leaders had given no indication of a restructuring of broadband prices.

Analysts who follow the industry have said that major domestic players active with high-value urban clients are combining services to help improve ARPU, while smaller regional players have their own advantage with broader coverage of their business. network in areas with low ticket consumption where competition is not so aggressive.


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