Broadband plans for 8K video streaming and large households


The quality of streaming services and platforms has increased rapidly, requiring stable and high-speed internet connectivity. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer a variety of broadband plans that allow for a smooth streaming experience for users even with the best picture quality. In fact, these plans also allow you to seamlessly connect multiple devices at once and are great if you have a large family. Below are some of the 300Mbps broadband broadband plans offered by service providers in India which are suitable for video streaming up to 8K and large households.

Airtel’s 300 Mbps plan

Airtel offers a 300 Mbps unlimited data plan called “Professional” plan. Users can get the Airtel Xstream Fiber connection to access the “Professional” plan which includes subscription to Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Wynk Music and Shaw Academy under the “Airtel Thanks Benefits” offered by the ISP with with its broadband plans. The plan offers 300 Mbps of high-speed internet data at a cost of Rs 1,499 for a month. The FUP data for the unlimited plan is 3500 GB or 3.5 TB.

300 Mbps plan offered by BSNL

One of the major ISPs in the country – BSNL, owned by the government, offers a 300 Mbps plan, which is also the highest-end plan offered by the telecom operator. The plan is called “Fiber Ultra” and also costs Rs 1,499 per month. Users can access 300 Mbps of internet speed for the data limit set at 4000 GB beyond which the connection speed is reduced to 4 Mbps. This plan from BSNL also includes free access to the Premium Disney + Hotstar Pack.

Jio’s 300 Mbps Plan

JioFiber offers an attractive 300 Mbps plan that offers amazing additional benefits. The plan offered by JioFiber is priced at Rs 1,499 per month (30 days) and offers an internet speed of 300 Mbps with a FUP data limit of 3.3 TB or 3,300 GB. The plan also offers unlimited calls and an equal upload and download speed set at 300 Mbps. Jio also offers a ton of OTT subscriptions that include access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and thirteen more.


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