Bryan, College Station to see more broadband options in the near future


BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – High speed internet options are increasing in Brazos County. On Thursday, MetroNet continued their construction efforts and hit full speed as they begin the process of laying fiber in the neighborhoods

Construction begins on Manchester Drive in Bryan, near Bryan High School.

“I’m excited because we need the competition… I think I have a faster internet connection, especially I work from home and have been doing it for 12 years,” said Sarah Gilleland, a resident of Bryan.

“Our priority is to give customers access to our optical fiber as quickly as possible. So the total construction times are between 18-24 months, but customers don’t have to wait that long because as we complete construction in the neighborhoods, we will be able to bring customers online. along the way, ”said Linzee McIntosh, MetroNet Communication Project Manager.

Contractors will work on the property easements during the process.

“Construction is operating at a rate of about 1,200 feet per day, per machine, per group. Turnover will be approximately 72 hours from when we arrive in your yard to when we leave your yard, ”said Alex Gonzalez, owner of GAC Enterprises.

In the future, the entire city will have three ISP options. Some regions will have a fourth option with a company called CEO, ETC.

Suddenlink has been the sole major supplier to both communities for many years. But now MetroNet and Frontier Communications are building fiber optic networks at Bryan and College Station.

“They hope to initially provide the end of the first trimester or the start of the second trimester of [2022] so that’s great and Frontier’s schedule is the same, ”said Bernie Acre, Bryan Chief Information Officer.

“We can have people working here in the town of Bryan and have jobs in Austin, Houston, or Dallas. They don’t have to take the train or drive to these towns where they can stay here, it’s going to change our culture here in the town of Bryan, ”Acre said.

MetroNet will provide Internet and phone service in the area and the company will expand fiber optic connections to buildings if customers opt for the service.

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