Can you watch Netflix without an internet connection?


Netflix has become a massive streaming platform. And the ability to connect to the Internet is essential for streaming videos. Is there a way to use Netflix without an internet connection?

Maybe you have a limited data connection that prevents you from streaming videos regularly. Or maybe you want to watch a show or movie on your device in an area where you don’t have easy access to WiFi.

Whatever the situation, it would be nice not to have to rely on a stable internet connection to watch Netflix shows and movies. So, can you use Netflix without internet?

Will Netflix work without internet?

Short answer: Technically yes, but you still need it to configure everything

Netflix subscribers have a feature that will somehow allow them to watch TV shows or movies without being connected to the internet. However, you will need an internet connection at some point to set everything up.

It works by downloading content to your device. Netflix lets you download shows and movies directly to a variety of devices, including iPhones, Android, Amazon Fire tablets, and computers.

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But not all Netflix content is available for download. You’ll see a download icon (shown above) next to each movie or show that can be downloaded. And of course, once you’ve downloaded the content you want, you can watch it anytime on your device.

So this is it. Technically, you can watch Netflix without an internet connection, although you will need a connection to make the first downloads. But once you have downloaded the shows or movies you want to watch, you can start watching without internet.

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