Chinese jailed for torching “slow” internet cables


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A man was sentenced to seven years in prison in China for setting a telecommunications box on fire after being frustrated with a slow internet connection.

The man used a lighter to set a towel on fire and set a telecommunications box on fire, the court said. (Reuters Archives)

A man in China was sentenced to seven years in prison for setting Internet equipment on fire after becoming enraged over a slow connection.

The man, nicknamed Lan, was in an internet cafe in southern Guangxi province last June when his frustration with the connection speed boiled over.

He responded by destroying a public box containing fiber-optic network cables, a local court said in a statement on Monday.

The court said the man “used a lighter to set fire to a towel he was carrying, then set a telecommunications box on fire at a crossroads.”

The fire lost Internet access to nearly 4,000 homes and offices, including a public hospital, for 28 to 50 hours.

“After the incident, public security officials seized the instrument of Lan’s crime – a lighter,” according to the court in Cenxi, a small mountain town.

Lan was then sentenced to seven years in prison for “destroying public telecommunications facilities”.

The story sparked widespread ridicule on the Chinese internet, with one Weibo user calling the man a “big baby.”

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Source: AFP


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