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Toronto, Ont., April 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —
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Contango Digital, a blockchain and decentralization-focused investment group that helps develop innovative and promising blockchain projects, has partnered with Nakamoto Games, the premier gaming ecosystem to earn. The partnership will focus on building the future of blockchain gaming and virtual metaverses and creating the sustainable rewards, multiplayer features, unparalleled user experiences and online security needed for the next generation of decentralized online gaming. .

The partnership announcement was followed by a flurry of online activity, with Nakamoto Games announcing a joint AMA (Ask Me Anything) with the Contango Digital team, rewards for AMA participation, and game development. a joint strategic program in which Nakamoto Games and Contango Digital would work to educate users about blockchain gaming, the concept of sustainable rewards in gaming ecosystems for winning, how to develop great features and user experiences, and what current trends are shaping the future prospects of the blockchain gaming space.

Joshua Field, Managing Director of Partnerships at Contango Digitalcommented on the partnership saying: “Partnering with Nakamoto Games was an easy decision to make. The team’s industry-leading blockchain gaming expertise and deep understanding of game mechanics, project deployments, customer acquisition and P2E rewards positions them perfectly to maximize return on new investments. in capital and we are delighted to be working with them on this new venture. ”

Tor, the CEO of Nakamoto Gamesshared similar sentiments saying: “We are proud to partner with Contango Digital and are excited about the opportunities our teams will share as we develop our shared blockchain gaming vision for the future. The overlaps and synergies between Nakamoto Games’ development team and Contango Digital’s deep expertise in Web3 will help us deliver exciting and rewarding new experiences to gamers around the world.

Nakamoto Games has already released a slew of well-received game titles, from Duck Hunter, NAKA Strike, and NAKAR to Cat Planet, Candy Shop, Alien Apocalypse, and more. These games range from puzzle and adventure games to fast-paced action games, first-person shooters, multiplayer games, racing games, and more.

In partnership, Contango Digital and Nakamoto Games facilitate the Project Analysis Bounty. The chosen submission will receive a stipend of USD 2,000 NAKA tokens and a contract for (3) paid research papers, respectively.

To learn more, browse the Diligence tab on the webpage and partner portfolio here. You can also view Nakamoto Games’ catalog of games here.

About Contango Digital

Contango invests in innovative start-up projects that make a difference and build Web3. The project’s mission is to unleash the power of Web3 and the open Internet while empowering the innovators behind it. Contango Digital leverages the expertise of seasoned professionals and helps build the architecture of the decentralized future while investing in promising projects that can catalyze adoption.

About Nakamoto Games

Nakamoto Games is building the first play-to-earn ecosystem that gives anyone with an internet connection the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency and generate a sustainable source of income by playing fun blockchain-based games, interactive and very engaging. Players win by winning to play the games they love, and developers can use the platform’s services and resources to launch, market, grow and monetize their play-to-earn games to new and existing audiences. Learn more by reading the project lite document or by visiting

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