Conterra broadband provider expands, invests nearly $10 million now, $12 million later in Union County


UNION COUNTY – Charlotte-based Conterra Ultra Broadband Holdings will invest additional capital in Union County to deploy a high-speed broadband fiber network.

The company announced that it would invest $9.6 million initially and an additional $12.7 million over the following five years. Already, the service is available to more than 1,500 businesses, the company said in a statement.

“We continue to put the communities we serve first by investing in local network infrastructure,” Craig Gunderson, president and CEO of Conterra Networks, said in a statement. “This investment is critical to the growth of Union County. With the ever-increasing demands of business connectivity, we are always committed to providing unlimited communication opportunities to our customers by giving them access to custom-designed ultra-high capacity broadband networks.

Conterra Networks is actively growing in several communities in North Carolina and across the United States. According to a statement, the company has 13,250 fiber miles, 2,700 schools served and more than 7,500 locations on the net.

The company is owned by subsidiaries of APG and Fiera, the statement noted.

Charlotte fiber network operator plans expansion after change in ownership


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