Council 2021 stories to follow in the New Year


New year, but same stories.

Here are three big stories related to Caledon’s advice from 2021 that will continue to be important to follow through 2022.

1.LPAT approves asphalt plant in Bolton

On October 22, 2021, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) approved an asphalt plant in Bolton.

The court approved the change of the land at 12415 Coleraine Dr. which is currently zoned agricultural to industrial prestige. The new zoning will allow MJJJ Developments to build the plant in this location.

Shortly after that approval, the board unanimously passed a motion to appeal the decision at a board meeting on October 26.

If council is unsuccessful, project completion still depends on environmental compliance approval, final plans being sent to court for approval, and council receiving a site plan request.

Currently, the city is still appealing the decision.

2.MZO request for a two million square foot warehouse

The property at 12035 Dixie Road. in Mayfield could soon be transformed into a warehouse / distribution center.

Developer Tribal Partners has asked the province for a Zoning Ministerial Order (MZO) that would speed up the process of building the facility.

The developer’s plan is to build a 2.2 million square foot facility for an e-commerce business. The exact company it is intended for has not yet been publicly disclosed.

If the MZO is approved, the site could be completed by the end of 2022 to early 2023.

Tribal Partners is concerned if the MZO is not approved and development takes longer, the e-commerce company will pull out and risk potential 2,250 jobs locally in Caledon.

Some Caledon board members and staff have said at a previous board meeting that they are in favor of this development and believe that using an MZO in this situation is a good idea.

The proponent is still waiting for the province to designate the MZO.

3.high speed internet connection

Some changes in broadband internet connection are expected in 2022.

Southwestern Integrated Fiber Technology (SWIFT) recently completed two of the three previously awarded projects.

Completion of these projects helps areas like Albion, Humber Grove, Garafraxa Woods and between the villages of Blackhorse and Coventry gain high speed internet access.

SWIFT’s third project at The Grange is expected to reach more than 471 households by March 2022.

In total, SWIFT, in partnership with federal and provincial governments and private sector investors, has invested $ 6.2 million to provide high-speed Internet access to 990 homes and businesses in Caledon.

Internet service provider Vianet has also started construction on Phase 2 of its 35 km fiber optic cable installation along the Caledon Trail.

This project focuses on a section from Gore Road to Olde Base Line and is expected to be completed by early 2022 weather permitting.


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