Cuba is the only country in Latin America to have disconnected from the Internet in 2021


Cuba The only country in Latin America The government deliberately disconnected the internetCurrent 2021 Avoid protests and citizen speeches.

“Authorities have responded to growing protests and calls for reform by shutting down the internet and blocking sites,” he said. Access the report nowAn international organization dedicated to the cause of protecting an open and free Internet.

Report, prepared #KeepItOn campaign -Units of more than 70 companies focused on efforts to eliminate Internet malfunctions-, most of these malfunctions on the island Massive protests against the state on July 11.

“In July, Cubans flooded the streets demanding access to food, water, medicine and the Govt-19 vaccine.

Additionally, Access Now alleges that the government blocked the words “VPN” and “freedom” via text message as the Cuban people tried to avoid a blockade of the government network via VPN (VPN).virtual private network)

VPN services have only been working on the island intermittently since October 2020, the text adds.

“The Cuban government is canceling the SIM cards of certain individuals. It has completely cut off the victims – mostly activists and journalists – because ETECSA is the only internet service provider in Cuba. “

Independent reports say the government shut down the internet to prevent anything related to the peaceful July 11 protests from spreading on social media. National Geography 60 points.

Complaints are common Independent journalists and human rights activists About disruptions to its internet and phone services run by the country’s only telecom and telecommunications monopoly, ETECSA.

Cubans also do not have access to many Independent press What, In addition to being blocked, they continue to be criminalized and slandered by the official press..

Access Now clarifies that there may have been internet outages in Paraguay in 2021, but they don’t have enough evidence to include it in their report.

Internet interceptions by governments are on the rise, and the report came to a muddled conclusion, often aimed at suppressing citizen dissent and accents.

Authorities have deliberately blocked the internet 182 times in 34 countries in the past year..

In addition to Cuba, countries like Burkina Faso, Chad, Ezwatini, Iran, Jordan, Myanmar, Niger, Pakistan and Sudan have blocked the internet in response to protests. There have been casualties in military clashes in the Gaza Strip, Myanmar and Ethiopia’s Tigris region.

Chad, Republic of Congo, Iran, Niger, Uganda and Zambia shut down the internet during elections.

On the other hand, on an interesting note, countries like Benin, Iraq and Gambia interrupt the service during national events such as school exams.


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