Delta tests internet in flight using Starlink satellite connectivity


Delta Airlines is looking to bring a new in-flight internet connection to its airfares and businesses, and it will be with Starlink’s satellite technology to stream the feature wirelessly.

The news may be rather unexpected from both companies. If this happens, Delta Airlines will be one of the first airlines to offer this feature.

Delta Airlines will bring Internet in flight with Starlink

Reports are swirling about Delta Airlines testing its flights and in-flight functionality with a Starlink satellite internet connection mounted on their plane. The venture is something the company has planned for a long time, but there have been no significant reports of a partnership with the Elon Musk-owned company in the past.

Now, some are claiming that Delta wants to offer satellite internet connections while in transit, and they will be available to passengers on that specific flight who have a receiver. In-flight internet is currently at a slow connection rate for all, and that’s because it lacks the ability to radiate its signal from above.

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Delta Airlines and the Starlink business

The Wall Street Journal originally reported on this venture, with Delta’s Ed Bastian spilling the beans on “exploratory tests” using satellite internet. On the other hand, SpaceX and Starlink previously gave hints about its move to commercial ventures for various industries, including aviation, for its use of satellite internet.

Starlink: Internet everywhere

Starlink promises a good internet connection everywhere, and it will be accessible anytime and in any region, says the company’s CEO and founder, Elon Musk. Users only need their satellite receiver and router to activate the internet connection, and it would connect them whether driving on roads or going on an outdoor adventure.

There have been numerous hints of an in-flight internet service that will use Starlink’s satellite capabilities to make live connections possible. Prior to Starlink beta, many companies and discussions were booming claiming that it was partnering with huge corporations and enterprises to bring its internet services to global reach, even in-flight WiFi.

Current Internet connections in flights are unreliable as they only offer minimum speeds, especially for commercial businesses.

However, it’s not for long as a huge airline is already considering a deal with one of the most promising internet service providers in the world, and that’s with Starlink. It should be noted that Starlink is still in its public beta and has not yet had a full release for its current users at press time.

Nevertheless, it will soon launch its activity on a large scale, on the ground or in transit for local and international connections.

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