Forum Orders Internet Service Provider To Pay Consumer Over Rs 20,000 For Poor Service | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: A city district consumer forum ordered Atria Convergence Technologies (ACT) to pay a consumer just over Rs 20,000 for not delivering promised bandwidth. Mohammed Azam Ali Khan, the complainant, said he used ACT’s internet services by paying a sum of Rs 10,619 on September 30, 2019 for a speed of 1000 MBPS.
He alleged that ACT only provided him with 100-200 MBPS, which cost only Rs 700 and the same was not rectified even after bringing the matter to the attention of the company. Khan said he asked ACT to disconnect the service and refund his money. Khan claimed that although ACT promised to refund the money and sent a confirmation message and email, it did not refund the amount.
Claiming that he had lost his livelihood and was unable to complete various transactions online, he filed this complaint to seek redress. The opposing party admitted the amount paid by the complainant but denied that the internet speed was low and argued that the complaint was false. They claimed that immediately after receiving the subscription amount, internet services were provided to the complainant on September 30 and that he used them without any interruptions or complaints until October 17. They said that only for two to three days after said due date. When upgrading the job, all clients’ internet connections were interrupted.
They claimed they asked the complainant to send his bank details to enable the refund, but Khan did not share the details. The judiciary noted that ACT had expressed its willingness to repay the amount but rather than deposit the amount after the first hearing, it continued to contest the case for two years. Apart from costs, ACT was requested to reimburse the amount paid, but no compensation was awarded.

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