Glo Fiber to Begin Internet Expansion in Rockingham County This Summer


ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) – Beginning in August, Glo Fiber will begin the first phase of its construction and expansion in Rockingham County.

Elkton, Bridgewater, Dayton, Grottoes, Timberville and Broadway are all included in the expansion.

“As a city, we look forward to the partnership and at least providing an alternative to services for our city residents,” Elkton Mayor Josh Gooden said.

Glo Fiber will provide higher internet speeds for people, especially those in rural areas.

“Just having these additional options will help and create more access for residents and just provide them with additional options,” Gooden said.

Dayton City Manager Angela Lawrence said this will allow residents who are on the outskirts of town to access better internet options.

As many people are still working from home or taking virtual classes, Gooden hopes the expansion of the internet will help those who struggle to access the internet and make everyone’s life easier.

“Before, it was either you used the only service provider that already exists, or you had no service,” Gooden said. “So now, at least with a second in the area, that should help.”

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