Hanwha Systems seeks participation in Australian Military Satellite Internet Project

Officials from Hanwha Systems, Hanwha Defense Australia and OneWeb pose for a photo after signing a memorandum of understanding in Farnborough, UK on July 19.

Hanwha Systems has signed a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding with Hanwha Defense Australia and OneWeb to promote participation in the Australian Army Satellite Internet Project.

OneWeb is a communications company headquartered in London. It aims to build high-speed Internet services via satellite. In August 2021, Hanwha Systems invested US$300 million in OneWeb with the aim of rapidly entering the space internet market.

The three companies signed the memorandum of understanding in Farnborough, UK on July 19 (local time). Farnborough hosts the Farnborough International Airshow, one of the largest aerospace events in the world.

Under the three-party agreement, Hanwha Systems will offer its satellite communication terminal solutions for vehicles and system integration capabilities, while Hanwha Defense will provide weapon systems such as self-propelled artillery guns. K9 and Redback armored vehicles and stage marketing activities in Australia. OneWeb will provide low-orbit satellite communications network services.

Hanwha Systems and Hanwha Defense Australia have already submitted a Request for Information (RFI) for Land 4140, a satellite communications project promoted by the Australian military.

Land 4140 involves a multi-layered network and communications system to deliver the Australian Army’s next-generation C4 systems to Joint Land Forces. The RFI was submitted to understand the current technologies and solutions for the development of the functional elements of LAND 4140 Tranche 1.

Going forward, Hanwha Systems plans to combine OneWeb’s low-Earth orbit satellite communications service with a satellite communications antenna it is currently developing for application to the various Australian military platforms.


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