Hogansville strikes deal with Charter Communications to bring more internet access – Reuters


HOGANSVILLE—A recent agreement between the city of Hogansville and Charter Communications could mean better internet access to some of the city’s underserved locations.

City Manager Jonathan Lynn said he previously met with Charter Communications, which provides Spectrum Internet Services, about the city’s need for accessible broadband. Several weeks ago, Charter Communications returned its request and said the company would be interested in locating its broadband service on utility poles in the city.

The Hogansville City Council consented to the deal at its regular meeting on Monday.

According to city documents, the agreement between Hogansville and Charter Communications, more formally referred to as the “Pole Attachment License Agreement for Distribution Poles,” would allow Charter to begin the process of locating broadband infrastructure. on utility poles owned by Hogansville. Electric Cities of Georgia, as part of its service with the City of Hogansville, negotiates these agreements and has arranged for Charter to pay Hogansville $18 per pole per year. The $18 is a rental fee and Charter will not own the pole itself.

Lynn said certain aspects of the contract with Charter Communications were still being reviewed and would need to be finalized before Charter’s work could begin.

In other business at the meeting:

The Hogansville City Council has agreed to fund $27,000 for Diverse Power to install new lights on the city’s recreational tennis courts.

The city received two quotes for the lighting of the Hogansville tennis courts. One quote was provided to the city by Bryant Electric (via Troup County Parks and Recreation) and the other by Diverse Power. The quotes included providing lighting on six utility poles in Bryant Electric’s quote with two lights per pole. Diverse Power’s quote included the installation of six poles with three lights per pole.

Bryant Electric’s cost of services was $33,573 while Diverse Power’s quote totaled $26,347.

Funding would come from the SPLOST V recreation/parks/trails category, which has a current uncommitted balance of $354,486.


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