How does the ping system work in Overwatch 2?


Your individual performance in competitive online games can only help you to a certain extent. In games like Monitor 2you will eventually need the help of your team to succeed, as your chances of taking on all the enemy on your own in the higher ranks will be low.

To improve overall team coordination, Monitor 2 will debut a ping system that players may be familiar with from other games. Not to be confused with ping which increases due to poor internet connection and lag, the ping system allows players to score goals or call in other game elements.

Marking various objects throughout a match will allow you to increase the level of communication within your team, especially if you do not have access to voice chat.

To use the ping system in Monitor 2, players will need to hold down their dedicated ping button. You can check what your button is through the game’s input settings because if you have a custom layout, the default configuration will be different for your system.

After pressing the ping button, a communication wheel will appear on your screen, filled with options such as “Regroup” and “I need healing”. Hovering over these options and releasing the ping hotkey will allow you to use one of these responses.

In addition to improving overall communication between teammates, the developers hope this system will contribute to the toxicity of the game. The existing spam protection and other chat-related restrictions will also be adjusted based on feedback the developers receive after thoroughly tested the ping system.


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