How to Get Zero or No Packet Drop in Call of Duty Warzone


Call of Duty Warzone has been around for two years and has easily become one of the most played multiplayer games on the competitive market. Activision released Warzone in a smooth state which has helped the game garner many loyal players since its release.

But all is not perfect, and Activision’s free-to-play battle royale game also has its shortcomings when it comes to network issues and lags.

It can be quite frustrating to experience occasional network lag and packet loss when players are trying to become Warzone champions. Nothing is more frustrating than unrecorded headshots.

This list will include a few ways to make the networking zone in Warzone a bit more stable for players, helping them to reduce the amount of packet drops in the game.

How to Really Reduce Pack Drops in Call of Duty Warzone

To understand what causes this problem on the network side in Warzone, we will need to understand what packet loss is in general. This problem will be briefly explained.

When accessing the World Wide Web over any type of network (in this case, the user’s ISP), small units of data, also called packets, are sent and received between the local ISP and the Internet himself. Sometimes one or more of them do not arrive at their destination. This delay in network packets reaching their destination is called packet loss. This usually happens due to network downtime and slow service from the ISP.

I need help. i try to play #warzone on @LenovoLegionUKI laptop legion 7 laptop. Recently having packet loss issues. 200 Mbps Wi-Fi speeds. There shouldn’t be any problems. Use to work well before Christmas. Drivers all up to date. Anyone have any ideas? @ATVIAssist #Call of Duty

Packet loss is not limited to video games, and this phenomenon can occur when using any software that requires networking or even just browsing. Slow internet connection, video buffering and “request timeout” errors are some of the symptoms of packet loss connection.

Here are some solutions that players can apply to reduce packet loss in Warzone:

1) Using a metered connection on Windows

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A metered connection is an internet connection that has a data limit when enabled. This allows the computer to use less data on background applications, which may explain why Warzone or any other desired application does not work well at the network level. It is wise to enable this setting when using Windows 10 or 11.

2) Use a VPN

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Network congestion is one of the main reasons for packet loss. Chances are that the ISP’s local servers are busy and generating a lot of traffic. In this case, trying a VPN can help in many ways. A VPN can help players connect to a different server region with less traffic, resulting in little or no packet loss. There are several ways to set up a VPN for multiple purposes.

3) Use a wired connection

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Using Ethernet or fiber optic cable is a must when trying to reduce packet loss or general network issues. Nowadays, with the rapid movement of technology across the world, less latency is paramount, and wireless connections are very unstable and slow by nature to provide the seamless network bandwidth that Warzone needs to keep up with its servers. .

4) Make sure no one else is using the network

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Sometimes a remedy is not far from sight. To ensure everything is verified, players can ensure that the exact network they are using to play Warzone is not being used by anyone else. For example, a family member may be accessing the router to watch a video or use it for other personal purposes; in this case, getting a different network is preferable.

5) Port forwarding (change NAT type)

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The game can run on a more stable connection if used with the correct type of NAT, which is recommended by Activision. To get a more stable connection, it is recommended to set the NAT type to Open or Type 1. If gamers are using the NAT settings of Moderate/Type 2 or Strict/Type 3, then changing the NAT type can definitely help.

Here are some ways players can get a more stable connection when playing Call of Duty Warzone. If all the points mentioned don’t help, it’s always a good idea to give the local ISP a little push to resolve the packet loss issue and file a complaint. We hope this helps all players in the community.

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