How to Remotely Find and Lock a Missing Windows 11 Device


Here’s how to find and secure a Windows 11 laptop when it goes missing.


The Windows 11 “Find My Device” feature allows you to locate your stolen Windows device. You can also use it to remotely lock your device to prevent unauthorized access, send a help message or play a sound.

However, for all of this to work, you need to enable Find My Device and Location feature on your PC. Here we show you how to turn on and use Find My Device in Windows 11 to remotely locate and lock your device from anywhere.

What do you need for “Find My Device” to work?

Find My Device in Windows works much like the phone tracker feature available on iOS and Android platforms. Here are the prerequisites to track your device using Find My Device in Windows 11:

  • You must be signed in to Windows using your Microsoft account. Work and school accounts don’t work.
  • Location services must be enabled.
  • Find My Device saves the last location when connected to the network. To update the device’s current location, it needs an active internet connection.

How to Enable “Find My Device” in Windows 11

For the service to work, you need to activate Find My Device on your PC. If you’re using Windows 10, see our guide on how to set up Windows laptop tracking for theft and loss instead.

To set up Find My Device in Windows 11:

  1. Nears Win + I to open Settings.
  2. Open the Privacy and Security tab in the left pane.
  3. Scroll to Application permissions section and click Location.
    windows 11 location services enabled
  4. Location services are often enabled by default. If not, flip the switch to Rental services to turn it On.
  5. Then return to the Privacy and Security tongue.
  6. Click on Find my device option under the Security section.
  7. Flip the switch to Find my device to turn it on.
    find my device on windows 11
  8. When enabled, Find My Device saves the last location of your device when connected to the Internet. If it’s lost or stolen, you can sign in to your Microsoft account to find your laptop or tablet.


How to track your stolen device

find my device

If you find that your Windows 11 device has been stolen or missing, you can use the Find My Device tracking feature to locate the device. Here’s how.

  1. Go to the Microsoft Devices page. Sign in using your Microsoft account. It will list all your connected Windows devices.
  2. Locate the device you want to track and click on it to view more information. It will show you the most recent saved location with date and time.
  3. Then click on Find my device.
  4. You will see a map showing the precise location of your device. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in on the map.
  5. To update the device location, click the To find button. Find My Device will update your device’s current location. A notification will appear on your device indicating that an administrator has attempted to locate this device.

How to Remotely Lock Your Windows Device

find my device lock

Another nifty security feature in “Find My Device” is “Lock Device”. It allows you to remotely lock your Windows device, log out all active users, and disable local users.

You can even leave a personal message that will appear on the screen if someone tries to turn on the device.

To lock the device, click the Lock on the Find My Device page. Then enter a message in the Lock Device dialog box and click the Lock button.

If you recover your device, you can sign in with your administrator account details or use your Microsoft account.

Locate your missing Windows 11 device once again

Microsoft’s Find My Device is a handy feature for locating missing or stolen Windows devices. If you determine that the device has been stolen, you can lock the device remotely to protect your sensitive data.

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