ICOA Settles and Cancels 1.24 Million Debt


Las Vegas, Nevada, November 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – ICOA, Inc. (OTC PINK: ICOA) (“ICOA” or the “Company”) a Nevada-listed company and a national wireless broadband provider and wired Internet networks in public places with high traffic, currently entering the DeFi, Blockchain, Crypto and NFT space through multiple acquisitions, announce the settlement and write-off of 1,240,139 of accumulated debt.

As part of the ongoing reorganization of the Company’s structure and new business management, ICOA management negotiated the settlement and wrote off $ 1.24 million of the accumulated debt. The Company expects to fully settle and write off all remaining debts over the next few weeks.

Erwin Vahlsing Jr., CFO of ICOA, Inc. added “This is one of the last steps in our reorganization plan. Clean up the balance sheet and give ICOA and its valuable shareholders a solid foundation on which to build. With the recent acquisition of IBG and the impending closure of BGBF, we are in an ideal position to create shareholder value exponentially..

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ICOA, Inc. is a nationwide provider of wireless and wired high-speed Internet networks in high-traffic public places. ICOA ensures the design, installation, operation, maintenance and management of WI-FI hotspots and hot-zone Internet access. ICOA owns or operates broadband access facilities in high traffic locations in 40 states, located at airports, quick service restaurants, hotels and motels, travel centers, marinas, and more. ICOA networks are compatible with widely used 802.11x technology and with virtually all Internet service providers. ICOA is currently entering the DeFi, Blockchain and Crypto space through multiple acquisitions.

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