Illinois Residents: Sign Up to Be the First to Experience Fidium Fiber, Consolidated Communications’ All-New High-Speed ​​Internet


New Fidium Fiber Internet will reach 20,000 homes in Christian, Coles, Effingham and Shelby counties with no contracts, no data caps, no plans

MATTOON, Ill. – April 21, 2022 – With speeds 10 times higher than the national average,[i]FidiumSMa new high-speed gigabit Internet service from Consolidated Communications (NASDAQ: CNSL), is poised to provide residents of Charleston, Mattoon, Shelbyville, Litchfield and Taylorville with a faster, more user-centric Internet experience.

Residents can sign up now to be first on the list when Fidium lights up in more than 8,700 homes next month. An additional 12,000 households in the region are expected to have access to Fidium by the end of the year. At a time when only 21.4% of Illinois residents have fiber optic internet access,[ii] The arrival of Fidium is expected to significantly improve the local quality of life and economic prospects for thousands of people in the region.

“Reliable high-speed internet with gigabit fiber is as important to business recruitment and retention as financial incentives, a skilled workforce and prime real estate,” said Angela Griffin, President of Coles Together. , the Coles County Economic Development Organization. “Consolidated’s investment in our communities enables companies to reliably interact with their customers, suppliers and employees around the world. It also supports the recruitment of high-tech jobs that pay higher wages, creating opportunities for people who live here.

“High-speed, reliable internet generates economic, educational and quality of life benefits for communities,” said Ed Dowd, executive director of the Mattoon Chamber of Commerce. “Mattoon is grateful for Consolidated’s continued investment in our broadband infrastructure. I am thrilled that Mattoon residents and businesses are benefiting from Fidium, Consolidated’s new scalable fiber optic Gigabit Internet service.”

“Fidium is the future of Consolidated’s consumer fiber Internet service and we are proud to now offer it at a competitive price to customers in our home state of Illinois,” said Tom White, director of Consolidated Communications technology. “Fidium’s redesigned customer experience includes more choice, control and customization, but most importantly, Fidium delivers the super-fast internet speeds customers need. will transform the way people live, work and learn from home.”

Fidium was created to give customers exactly what they want (like simple plans and pricing with super-fast speeds) and nothing they don’t want (like shared bandwidth, data caps, contracts, hidden fees and required packages).

High-speed symmetric fiber internet is available for $70 per month, including installation and Wi-Fi throughout the house. Fidium customers will get the best experience with the Attune WiFi whole-home management app, which provides speed tests and a host of options to help families stay safe online. Attune lets you see which devices are connected to your network; limit content for age-appropriate use; and set controls on network usage based on time of day. Broadband fiber plans start at just $35 per month.

Each Fidium Fiber Internet plan offers:

  • Simple and affordable pricing ($70 per month for Gig service) that includes WiFi equipment and installation, with no required plans, no data caps and no contracts;

  • A smart whole-home mesh Wi-Fi experience that starts with a best-in-class Wi-Fi 6 gateway and up to two extenders;

  • The Attune WiFi app, which offers new insights, more customization, more control, and an unprecedented level of communication from your network and smart home devices;

  • Easy, hassle-free installation on your schedule with text updates and two-hour appointment windows;

  • Intuitive customer portal with self-service options;

  • Proactive real-time network monitoring to resolve issues remotely before customers even know they are happening; and

  • Premium technical support provided by experienced and compassionate team members.

In addition to bringing Fidium to customers in eight states this year, Consolidated will build more than 400,000 fiber connections to homes and businesses.

To learn more and pre-order the service, visit Follow Fidium on Facebook at, on Twitter at or find us on YouTube.

About Fidium Fiber

Fidium fiber is a customer-centric fiber optic broadband service, delivering symmetric multi-gig speeds and exceptional service. Fidium is available in California, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Texas and Vermont with new locations available daily. Fidium is a brand of Consolidated Communications Holdings, Inc.. (NASDAQ: CNSL). Consolidated is a leading broadband and business communications provider serving consumers, businesses, and wireless and wireline carriers in a service area of ​​more than 20 states. Learn more about


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