Internet access brings excitement to Seaward Primary and Junior High | New


Excitement was palpable at Seaward Primary and Junior High School on Olympic Way in St Andrew’s on Thursday as the school prepared for the official launch ceremony of its public Wi-Fi system. Leading the charge was Principal Arlene Thomas.

“We now have internet access for everyone…we now have internet access spread across all areas of our school,” she proudly boasted, before thanking the Universal Service Fund, the access provider Digicel and the government.

Reliable internet access with stable connectivity has resulted in a paradigm shift at the school, where for more than four years construction work on Spanish Town Road disrupted telephone and internet services, leaving some aspects of school operation paralyzed school.

“Our modus operandi changed,” Thomas revealed. “Roadworks had disrupted everything and once we lost connectivity we struggled to the point where teachers had to buy extra gadgets and put them into use. Even the secretary had to do this so our admin departments were broken.

“It will enhance our teaching and learning efforts, whether we are teaching online or face-to-face. I’m so excited and my team too. So when it happened (free public WiFi), hip hip hooray! It’s less expensive for us and more efficient because when we walk around and see the teachers in the classrooms using the televisions, on their phones and using the tablets, it’s really great! she gushed.


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