iPhone has faster internet connection speed than Samsung, Oppo in Vietnam


Ookla, the company specializing in the provision and assessment of the quality of data services, has published its latest report for the first quarter of 2022.

In addition to internet speed reviews from Vietnamese telecom operators, Ookla provided reviews on which mobile phone models have the fastest internet connection.

The five phone models with the highest average download speed cited by Ookla were Apple, including three models from the iPhone 13 series and two models from the iPhone 12 series.

According to Ookla, iPhone 13 Pro is the mobile phone model with the fastest Internet access among mobile devices available in Vietnam with an average download speed of 70.91 Mbps.

The next positions were iPhone 13 Pro Max (68.07 Mbps), iPhone 13 (67.44 Mbps), iPhone 12 Pro 5G (62.39 Mbps) and iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G (61.97 Mbps).

Apple’s mobile phone models have an average download speed of 39.43 Mbps. Xiaomi has the second fastest average download speed with 36.51 Mbps. Samsung with 36.36 Mbps and Oppo with 30.06 Mbps rank third and fourth.

The latest IDC report showed that in the fourth quarter of 2021, Samsung was the top phone maker in the Vietnamese market, holding 28.7% market share. The strong development of low-cost smartphones has largely contributed to Samsung’s sales.

Oppo was second with 17.3% market share, while Vivo is third with 16.1%. The lower positions belong to Apple and Xiaomi with 10.6% market share.

In the last months of 2021, Vietnamese users bought more phones after a period of refraining from buying new products due to the pandemic. This has helped retail chains and manufacturers increase sales after a long period of lockdown.

At present, 4G smartphones are the main driver of the market after the entry into force on July 1, 2021 of the regulation on the restriction of imports of mobile devices that only support 2G and 3G.

IDC estimates that the Vietnamese market will experience the highest growth rate among ASEAN countries in 2022. This is attributed to the rapid increase in demand for smartphones and the shift from 2G/3G to 4G/5G models. .

Vietnam is different from other ASEAN markets because the domestic market is influenced by large retail chains.

In addition to customer support services, major mobile phone retail chains in Vietnam enjoy benefits through cooperation with manufacturers to launch exclusive sales promotions. This helps them compete with smaller distributors.



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