ITI wins BharatNet project Rs 433 cr in TN – Ultra News


ITI Ltd, formerly known as Indian Telephone Industries, said it has won an order for Rs 433cr from the government of Tamil Nadu to implement part of the BhartNet Phase 2 project in the state.

BharatNet is an Indian government project to create a pan-Indian fiber optic backbone that connects 2.55 lakhs to panchayats in Indian villages, including the most remote.

The backbone is used by both public and private companies for their own internal connectivity needs, as well as to support their commercial Internet connectivity services.

ITI said that the Tamil Nadu project involves the planning, study, supply, installation, commissioning, testing, integration, operation and maintenance of approximately 15,000 km of network of fiber optics and broadband electronics.

It is to be completed within 360 days and ITI will also provide three years for operation and maintenance services.

This part of the network will involve providing 1 Gbps of connectivity to cover 10 districts in 109 blocks, affecting 3,103 grams of panchayats.

The package also includes radio connectivity for Gram Panchayats that cannot be connected by fiber optic, and the implementation of horizontal connectivity to government premises, schools and primary health centers (PHC).

The fiber optic cable includes underground and overhead fiber to connect Gram Panchayats to blocks, district centers and state headquarters.

ITI, which was once the leading manufacturer of landline phones in India, said it has already completed similar OFN work in India, including contracts worth Rs 4,500 cr in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

The company is the Project Implementation Agency (PIA) for MahaNet-I (BharatNet Phase II) in Maharashtra, and is executing two BharatNet Phase II packages for Gujarat Fiber Grid Network Ltd (GFGNL).

The Indian government decided to create BharatNet two decades ago, based on an assessment that waiting for private companies to install fiber optics in the most remote areas of India would deprive these areas of the benefits of the technology. communications for decades.

However, BharatNet, like most government projects, has experienced several extensions of deadlines and budget revisions.

Several private ISPs and telecommunications operators have started using this fiber network to extend their connectivity to rural areas.

The project is crucial for ITI, which is trying to reinvent itself as an entrepreneur of modern telecommunications infrastructure. The company has factories in Bangalore, Naini, Raebareli, Mankapur, Srinagar and Palakkad, with an in-house R&D center in Bangalore and marketing, sales and projects across the country.

The company’s offerings include the establishment of all kinds of telecommunications infrastructure, including switching, transmission and access equipment and subscriber premises.

The company also has a Network System Unit (NSU) dedicated to installing and commissioning equipment and carrying out turnkey projects and has contracts in the defense and construction sectors. railway.

It also manufactures solar equipment, NGN, GPON products, LED lighting systems, optical products, PMP microwave as well as other related products such as HDPE, OFC, LI-ION batteries, smart cards. chip, Micro PC / laptop, defense equipment, Wi-Fi, etc. .

The ITI said it will focus on key areas of defense, IOT, e-governance, IT projects and the service sector going forward.


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