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ESCANABA, Michigan and MIDLAND, Michigan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 2, 2022–

Highline, Michigan’s new fiber-optic broadband internet provider, announced the addition of five key team members supporting Michigan operations for the Upper Peninsula and Thumb (Lower Peninsula) regions. Highline has already built its super-fast fiber optic network covering 204 miles in Delta County and 87 miles in Sanilac County and is eager to go in the spring to add additional miles and serve more customers throughout Michigan. ! Highline just celebrated its 100th customer in UP and continues to be keen to help underserved customers access real High-speed Internet. With the success of the build and the growing number of customers, Highline has added 5 key team members to the local teams and will continue to add resources throughout the winter and spring!

“We are thrilled to have these five key individuals with vast experience joining the Highline team and look forward to meeting all of you as we work tirelessly to bring you true high-speed Internet service!” said Highline Midwest CEO Bruce Moore.

Matt Dale, Vice President of Technology for Highline

Matt brings a 28-year career to Michigan as a technologist specializing in networking, routing, switching, firewalls, and wireless. Matt is dedicated to making a difference in customers’ lives by providing true high-speed internet with his own attention to detail.

“My background has uniquely positioned me to be a valuable asset to Highline, bringing true high-speed internet to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and giving back to the place I call home.”

Aaron Burbey, Vice President of Operations for Highline

Aaron has a 20-year operational career in Michigan, focusing on operations, industry standards, and processes that deliver exceptional customer service. Aaron has extensive experience in broadband internet and cable television. His career has also focused on understanding Michigan’s unique terrain and weather and how to deliver a great customer experience despite these challenges.

“I want to focus on standards and processes at Highline so that we provide more than fiber optic internet, we provide unparalleled customer service for every customer we install,” Burbey said when asked. wondered how he could tell the difference.

Bethany Leiter, Community Relations Specialist for Delta County at Highline

Bethany brings over 19 years of marketing success to Highline and is already making a difference serving UP and reaching out to meet and greet the people, clubs and businesses of Delta County in her role as Relationship Specialist community. Bethany leads teams on cross-promotion strategies and connecting with our communities, and she looks forward to sharing that experience in promoting the Highline brand to everyone in Delta County.

“I’m so excited to work for Highline because it has a deep personal connection to me. I’ve lived all over Michigan, mostly in rural areas, and have always struggled with internet connectivity. Working from home, kids at home – all trying to get some work done, do homework or just relax and stream a movie – now it can all happen simultaneously, with no delays or buffering!” Bethany is thrilled that living in UP no longer means an inconsistent internet connection.

Jay Moyer, Network Engineer for Highline

Jay brings 21 years of military and private sector network engineering experience to Highline and has just started his role serving Michigan to ensure our fiber network has the protocols, configurations and certifications to support data and voice for our customers. Jay is already involved in identifying suggestions that will streamline processes and make our operations even more efficient.

“I’m super excited about the future with Highline and how things are progressing here. It’s amazing to see this done right the first time and not take any shortcuts,” Jay shared when asked. asked about his first month in the new job.

Jamie Chargo, Community Relations Specialist for Midland and Sanilac County at Highline

Jamie brings 4 years of marketing experience and success to Highline and is just beginning to step into her role in the Midland and Sanilac County areas of Michigan’s Thumb area. Jamie also reaches out to join clubs and advisory boards so she can find out about all the goings on in the area so we can participate and get to know the communities.

“I love the tight-knit area that Midland promotes and all the downtown activities for the community, and I want to know what areas in Sanilac are doing to bring the community together there!” replied Jamie when asked what she liked about her new job.

“We want our customers to know that we support them with our strong network, experienced team members and local talent to support community events and local customers,” said Highline Midwest CEO Bruce Moore.

On high line:

At Highline, we believe everyone should have access to the fastest, most reliable internet service at a fair price, no matter where you live and work. Highline’s heritage companies have been in the telecommunications industry for over 126 years and have built, owned and operated fiber networks for over 27 years. Highline currently serves the communication and Internet needs of thousands of residents and businesses in Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska and Texas. Highline is building state-of-the-art, fiber-to-site, super-fast networks to deliver 2 Gigabit Internet service to tens of thousands of homes and businesses across the country that are currently unserved, underserved and underserved.

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