Local power companies team up for fiber-optic internet service


PONTOTOC, Mississippi (WTVA) – Currently, staff at the Tombigbee Electric Power Association are working on Phase 3 of their fiber-to-the-home project.

CEO Scott Hendrix said the phase includes providing fiber internet service to all customers.

“We don’t know anything in science faster than the speed of light. Fiber allows us to send Internet signals at this speed, ”said Hendrix.

On Monday, the Managing Director of Hendrix and the Pontotoc Electric Power Association, Frankie Moorman, announced that Phase 4 of the project will provide service to Pontotoc customers.

“There is a need in Pontotoc County for this high speed Internet service,” Moorman said.

Company executives hope to kick off the fiber-optic internet process in Pontotoc County by 2023, or when Phase 3 is complete, whichever comes first.


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