Majority of users satisfied with telecommunications services


Muscat – TThe Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) survey on user satisfaction with fixed telecommunications services revealed that 70% of people in Oman are satisfied with fixed telecommunications services, while 52% of them are not satisfied with the prices of fixed Internet services.

The statistics showed that 65.4 percent of respondents agreed that the quality of service – in general – provided by the service provider is always excellent, and that 84.5 percent of respondents agreed that the branches of their service providers of services are located in suitable places. places.

While 74.2% of respondents said their service provider takes an active role in resolving user issues, 86% agreed that their service provider is always ready to help.

Regarding the results of the survey on the satisfaction of beneficiaries of mobile telecommunications services, 73% of the inhabitants of Oman are satisfied with the mobile telecommunications services, while 45% of the
they are not satisfied with the prices of mobile Internet services in general.

The results showed that 50% of Omanis and 90% of expats agree that the quality of service in general is excellent.

North Sharqiyah governorates had the highest percentage of dissatisfaction with mobile internet prices at 62%, followed by 50% each in Dhofar and Dhahirah governorates.

The TRA stated that the two surveys aim to provide statistical indicators on the satisfaction of users of fixed and mobile telecommunications services, which contributes to the formulation of legislative and regulatory frameworks.


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