Marquette Municipal Board Holds Public Business Session and Provides Update on Marquette Board of Light and Power


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) — As part of its legally required minimum of two public work sessions per month, the Marquette City Commission held another on Monday.

This session was dedicated to informing the public about the Marquette Board of Light and Power and its plans for the future.

The MBLP has new software in the works to make it easier for users to pay their bills and check their usage.

The council is also proposing new controls for the current hydroelectric plant near Tourist Park and the possible installation of new 69 kilovolt power lines in parts of the city this summer, which the commission says has been in the works for more than 20 years.

The MBLP says the city’s fiber-optic broadband Internet services are unlikely to expand, noting that there are already many Internet options available to consumers in the city.

Marquette Town Commissioner Jenn Hill thinks the council needs to be more transparent with the public about its decision, adding that many could benefit from better internet services. “I think there are a lot of questions around fairness with people and how [they] are actually going to get broadband,” Hill said. “There may be six companies, but how much do they cost? What about people who have children who really need it? »

The MBLP says the discussion of expanding fiber optic internet access is not out of place, but it must first come up with an economic plan to do so.

The City Commission has announced that it will discuss whether or not to grant the Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCO) a franchise for the former Almost Isle Power Station. If granted a concession, UPPCO could use the property to distribute electricity.

Additionally, the MBLP is discussing the possibility of adding more electric vehicle chargers to the city. He says he is in the early stages of determining the impact of the increased consumption of electric vehicles in the region, which could allow the council to make some changes to the infrastructure to accommodate the vehicles. electrical.

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