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Jason Speers, president and founder of Babbl Communications, started the business because he saw a need for affordable and streamlined internet in Nanaimo.

New Provider Brings Easy, Airy Home Internet Services to Nanaimo at Affordable Prices

We all rely on staying connected – and the way we stay connected has changed! While most of us used the internet before the pandemic, it was during this global event that the internet became a lifeline for maintaining ties with family and friends, keeping working and going to life. ‘school ! It’s not something everyone can do without in the modern world.

Without a large selection of ISPs, shopping was not an option in Western Canada – until now.

Enter Babbl Communications. Jason Speers, president and founder of Babbl, started the business because he saw the need for affordable internet made easy. In the East, third-party internet providers have been around since the ’90s and Jason thought it was high time for West Coast residents to have internet options as well – and with over 20 years in telecommunications. , he knows his stuff.

For those unfamiliar with the idea of ​​a “third-party internet”, it’s actually pretty straightforward. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) requires telephone and cable companies to sell access to their networks to independent Internet service providers at regulated wholesale prices, allowing small businesses to enter the market and create more choices for consumers!

Babbl is ready to offer contract-free, hassle-free and affordable internet service that meets your needs. Babbl is a digitally driven company which means it can scale and adapt flexibly to changing new customers. “Unlike large suppliers, we are able to remain profitable and ensure that our prices are kept to a minimum for our customers,” notes Jason. “We look forward to redefining the Internet home experience in Western Canada. “

Why Babbl?

  • find packages that suit your needs, whether it’s streaming videos, working from home or just browsing
  • plans include everything you need to get up and running, including an all-in-one router and Wi-Fi modem
  • easy self-installation on the date you choose
  • services without contract
  • no worries cancel
  • an affordable option for students or on a budget
  • ideal for those who have adopted streaming services like Netflix or Disney +
  • moderate Internet users

Learn more about Babbl’s residential internet plans at Contact them here for more information and find them on Facebook here.

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