News in Clarksville: School test results, restaurant arrests, Blippi is coming and other top stories this week


CLARKSVILLE, TN – Here’s a look at some of the best local reporting from Clarksville Now this week.

The grandmother and the therapist say the disabled child was in danger long before he died: Some said the single mother was going through incredibly difficult times, with six children at home, one of whom was severely disabled. Some said there had been signs of trouble for years. READ MORE

Schools show rebound in test results after COVID drop: CMCSS student scores in most areas have returned to pre-COVID levels. READ MORE

Bonfire Mongolian Grill owners accused of harboring undocumented workers: Among other charges, the federal indictment says they paid a broker to find and deliver undocumented workers to them. READ MORE

Springfield man dies after shooting on Tiny Town Road: When they arrived at the hospital, it was discovered that the man had been shot in the head. READ MORE

John Fuson, Wes Golden and Reid Poland lead the fundraiser as early voting begins: Here’s who donated the most to the best campaigns this quarter. READ MORE

Stolen car chase crossing state line ends in spike tapes, arrest at 41A: Even after the spike strips, the suspect continued, 20 to 30 mph on the rims. READ MORE

Wendell H. Gilbert, retired general, head of state and community, dies at 91: The Tennessee State Veterans Home is named after this community leader, who was chief of staff to Governor Don Sundquist. READ MORE

Blippi arrives, thanks to the winning YouTube contest of Layla, 3 years old: Layla will perform with Blippi when he comes to Clarksville, after winning a national competition, and a public appearance is planned. READ MORE

The MCHS freshman football coach hopes to build on last year’s success: Here’s a look at what to expect this season from Montgomery Central, with new coach Corey Wright and big momentum. READ MORE

Vegan and vegetarian Clarksville: 10 places for meatless meatball subs, vegan soul food and more: Here are the favorite vegetarian and vegan menu options from local restaurants. READ MORE

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