Oregon City Begins Fiber Infrastructure Feasibility Study in May


Oregon City Begins Fiber Infrastructure Feasibility Study in May

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Residents of Oregon City could benefit from faster internet access as officials say the city will begin an infrastructure feasibility study for fiber optic connectivity next month. community scale.

In a statement Wednesday, the city of Oregon City said it would begin evaluating feasibility and needs to help bring faster internet to the growing city as a first step in achieving the goal of the Commission to invest in sustainable infrastructure.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that fast and reliable internet connectivity is essential for local businesses to increase their services, expand product delivery and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace,” city officials said. .

According to the release, the feasibility study will be led by Magellan Advisors, a firm that says it works with local municipalities, utilities, cooperatives and regional organizations to help design and build fiber and broadband networks. .

Led by Magellan Advisors, Oregon City will begin to “determine the scope and scale of a fiber backbone that can meet the city’s growing needs to support broadband for Oregon businesses and residents. City,” according to the press release.

City officials said the project will begin interviewing and surveying residents, businesses and public sector partners in May to get their perspective on the project and assess future needs.

“Gaining community feedback and insights will help guide this project and determine the cost of potential implementation,” the statement said. “The feasibility design will be accompanied by the best strategies to develop fiber for home services, leveraging the backbone to reduce costs and bring a new source of fiber to Oregon City.”

Officials estimate the study will cost $100,000, which is expected to be funded from Oregon City’s general fund.


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