Philippines Shows Biggest Improvement in 5G Video Experience


MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines has seen the biggest improvement in 5G video experience in the world as telecom giants continue to invest heavily in network expansion to improve internet speeds, according to mobile analyst Opensignal.

He said the country leads all markets in the world in improving the mobile video streaming experience using 5G.

“The Philippines continues to see huge improvement with the switch from 4G to 5G by topping the 5G video experience improvement category with a 79% increase in its score,” Opensignal said.

The Philippines surpassed the 73% increase in 5G video experience in Malaysia, 64% in Chile and Thailand, and 61% in Indonesia.

Opensignal said the use of 5G for video will continue to increase due to its superior streaming quality over 4G.

“With Opensignal’s new video streaming tests, including higher resolutions that are more suited to a 5G world, we are seeing a greater difference in the video streaming experience using 5G compared to 4G. The improvement with 5G is now considerably higher,” said Opensignal.

According to Opensignal, the Philippines ranked third for the internet speed difference between the two technologies, with 5G here being almost nine times faster than 4G.

Malaysia leads all markets in terms of improved download speeds with its 5G around 26 times faster than its 4G, but Opensignal said there are only a few subscribers in the country and that 5G speed could decrease as adoption increases.

“With the exception of Malaysia, Chile continues to dominate the 5G download speed improvement chart, followed by the Philippines with the same position as in the last benchmark comparison,” Opensignal said.

Among the 15 markets with 5G improvements, the Philippines maintains the second-lowest 5G speed of 138.6 Mbps, only ahead of Thailand’s 122.7 Mbps.

South Korea’s 432.7 Mbps led the pack, followed by Malaysia’s 382.2 Mbps and Sweden’s 333.9 Mbps.

In the Philippines, Smart Communications and Globe Telecom are offering 5G to subscribers, leaving telco newcomer Dito Telecommunity behind in the competition.

For the year, Smart’s parent company, PLDT Inc., is spending 85 billion pesos on capital expenditures to be used for the company’s increased commitment to rolling out 5G.

On the other hand, Globe installed 380 new 5G sites in the first quarter as part of efforts to connect as many users as possible to 5G.


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