Primepay announces the launch of its new digital payment platform


Globally, the financial industry has experienced tremendous progress, with numerous Internet payment services to facilitate payments for individuals and businesses. One of them is the use of digital wallet services to make payment safe and easy for users. However, it’s not news that some services have limited offerings or a complicated user interface.

Primo wallet is Primepay’s original digital payment platform that supports virtual and electronic currencies. The wallet aims to solve different problems with digital payment services. The platform is suitable for individuals and corporate clients. With the Primo Wallet, users can seamlessly conduct digital financial transactions from anywhere in the world. Knowing that there will be beginners who will love to access this platform, you can use the wallet service by downloading a dedicated mobile application.

Speaking about the services to be provided by the primo portfolio, the CEO Ivan Hijikata was happy to repeat that “the new customer service will start offering the Primo portfolio from Jan 14, 2022. It will provide six key services which are close to the daily life of the users. In the future, we will further improve the wallet service and provide the best service chosen by our customers. He added. The services are as follows;

  • Local fiat currency deposit and withdrawal services
    We provide deposit and withdrawal services in the local legal tender of each country we deal with. We meet the needs of end users by providing legal tender deposit and withdrawal services as well as virtual currency deposits and withdrawals
  • Money transfer service between users’ wallets
    With the primo wallet, users can transfer money from one user to another in legal tender and primo token.
  • Cryptocurrency Buying Service
    You can buy major virtual currencies, including Primo tokens, with Primo Wallet’s virtual currency buying feature. At the time of sale, it can be sold on our virtual bureau de change.
  • Mining service
    We provide mining services for popular virtual currencies such as FIL coins through wallets. You can easily start mining by simply sending money to your mining account using fiat currency or the Primo token.
  • Over-the-counter service
    This service allows users to post their quotes on buying and selling their cryptocurrency using fiat currency.
  • Primo point payment service
    Primo Points can be redeemed for products including Amazon Gift Certificates at Primo Point Clearinghouses and Service Provider Malls.

The CEO added ” Our services are provided to retail and business customers as end user services and business payment solution services. The enterprise payment solution is used as the primo payment gateway solution for the companies which have difficulty in introducing a payment solution due to the characteristics of the company, and the primo wallet service is provided to the end users of the company. “

Cashless payments and commonalities have started to spread with the spread of the digital payment company using virtual currencies in recent years. However, cash payments are still the majority in some countries. Primo Wallet offers the merit that users in Asian countries can deposit and withdraw from the wallet in the local legal currency and get returned points every time they pay to the service provider through the wallet. In addition, by sending money using the original Primo Wallet token, we provide very convenient services close to the daily life of users by making transfers between wallets and transfer fees to service providers for free. .


Primepay is a financial services company that operates fiat exchanges and regulates foreign exchange, remittance and fiat transactions in Canada as a money services business-financial services business (registration license number: M21234921). And is authorized by FINTRAC, which supervises, and is authorized for fiat and virtual remittance transactions.

SOURCE PrimePay Solutions Limited


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