Puerto Rico discovers a cyberattack on the toll system

I don’t know when the system will be back online.

This week, the Puerto Rican Senate announced that its toll system had become the latest target of a cyberattack. The AutoExpreso, which collects tolls electronically from toll road users, has been offline since last weekend, and authorities don’t know when it will be back online. It does not appear that confidential information was stolen.

Puerto Rico has suffered numerous cyberattacks in recent years. Just three months ago, Puerto Rico’s Senate’s official internet service provider, phone system and online page went down for several days. In 2021, the company that distributes Puerto Rico’s electricity saw its website hit by a cyberattack. And in 2020, authorities were forced to freeze nearly $3 million to prevent an online scam that stole $4 million from Puerto Rican government agencies.

As the Lord guides you, pray with us…

  • For Puerto Rican officials as they seek solutions to the cyberattack.
  • For members of Congress as they legislate cybersecurity.
  • For US cybersecurity professionals working to protect cyberinfrastructure from hackers and malware.

Sources: Reuters, AP



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