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India is seen as a key satellite internet market with short-term annual revenue opportunity of over $ 1 billion as 75% of rural India lacks broadband and internet access. many places still have no cellular or fiber connectivity.

Tata Telesat is likely to obtain an experimental license and spectrum from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to test its broadband service from space, CNBC-Awaaz reported Tuesday.

The satellite communications company (satcom) has “formally applied” to the DoT seeking an experimental license and spectrum, and the telecommunications department “reviews the application”, after which the spectrum will be allocated , said the news channel.

It comes after Starlink also reportedly applied to the telecommunications department for an experimental license to pilot its services with a limited number of subscribers, days after the Center issued a notice to people against subscribing to Starlink Internet Services, a division billionaire Elon Musk SpaceX because he is unlicensed to operate in the country.

Tata Telesat joins a handful of telecom companies such as Musk’s SpaceX, OneWeb, backed by Bharti Enterprises, Amazon, among others, which are considering the lucrative segment of space broadband in India.

ET reported that Tata group company Nelco was in advanced talks with Canadian company Telesat to sign a business pact to launch high-speed satellite broadband services in India under the latter’s Lightspeed brand.

“Nelco and Telesat will have a Master Services Agreement (MSA) to provide Lightspeed LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite services in India… we are in the process of finalizing the details of the trade agreements,” said Nelco Managing Director. , PJ Nath, to ET.

The company proposes to offer satellite broadband in the 28 GHz band, also known as the “Ka band” on a global scale.

Telesat plans to invest nearly $ 5 billion to build a global constellation of approximately 298 LEO satellites, and its global Lightspeed satellite Internet services (including in India) are expected by 2024. OneWeb and SpaceX are preparing for launch satellite Internet operations in India next year while Amazon is expected to consider the segment as part of its global space Internet initiative, Project Kuiper.


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