Richard Dabate takes a stand in murder trial – NBC Connecticut


Richard Dabaté spoke Thursday in the murder trial against him.

Dabate is accused of killing his wife, Connie, at their Ellington home on December 23, 2015.

He maintained his innocence from the start and told police that a masked intruder shot Connie in the basement of the house and stabbed him repeatedly with a utility knife.

On the stand Thursday, Dabate told jurors what he believes happened that day at the house. He described being tied up with zip ties and stabbed in the legs and chest.

Earlier in the week, jurors heard expert testimony about a Fitbit device found on Connie Dabate’s body after the murder. Prosecutors say the Fitbit showed Connie still moving an hour after Richard Dabate said the intruder killed her.

The expert said Fitbit devices are around 98% accurate when it comes to timing.

Connie Dabate’s brother and mother spoke at Richard Dabate’s murder trial. It was also the first day the prosecution presented the Fitbit evidence.

Dabate’s defense attorney, Trent Lalima, argued that the time could have been shifted due to something called “Time Drift”. The expert confirmed that it is possible for time to cut out on Fitbit if the computer it is synced to has lost internet connection. He said he didn’t believe there was a time gap in the device Connie was wearing.


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