SpaceX’s Starlink service is coming to Hawaiian Airlines


Hawaiian Airlines will offer SpaceX’s Starlink internet service onboard flights.

In a Press release released on Monday, April 25, Hawaiian Airlines announced that it will offer free high-speed, low-latency internet access to passengers on flights between the United States, Asia and Oceania. Starlink’s aerial antennas will be installed in the airlines’ new Airbus A330 and A321 aircraft. Starlink Internet will also be available on Hawaiian Airlines’ fleet of Boeing 787.9 aircraft.

“When we launch Starlink, we will have the best connectivity experience available in the air,” said Peter Ingram, president and CEO of Hawaiian Airlines. “We’ve waited for technology to catch up to our high standards for guest experience, but it will be worth it. Our guests can expect fast, seamless, and free Wi-Fi to complement our award-winning Hawaiian hospitality on board. .

Starlink Internet access should be available on Hawaiian Airlines flights as early as next year. However, the airline has not yet carried out tests with Starlink antennas in its planes. Avi Mannis, Hawaii’s director of marketing and communications, said CNBC that the airline still has some “certification issues that need to be resolved before we’re ready to operate the product.”

SpaceX is authorized to perform testing for Starlink internet services on commercial flights. However, it still requires Federal Aviation Administration approval to install Starlink equipment on planes.

Starlink Vice President of Commercial Sales Jonathan Hofeller noted that SpaceX had developed an aviation antenna, designed specifically for airplanes at the Satellite 2022 conference. He added that SpaceX was working on certification of aircraft antennas. Starlink aircraft.

Speaking of the arrival of Starlink on Hawaiian Airlines flights, Hofeller said, “Hawaiian Airlines is ensuring that its passengers will experience high-speed Internet as we expect in the 21st century, making hassles like downloading of films before take-off a relic of the past.”

“With Starlink, the in-flight experience is greatly simplified so that once passengers board the aircraft, the internet works seamlessly throughout their flight. Soon, passengers will enjoy all the benefits world’s best in-flight internet connectivity from the comfort of their seat,” he added.

As of this writing, two other airlines have announced potential Starlink services on their planes: Delta Airlines and JSX. Delta Airlines has already carried out tests with Starlink equipment on its planes. Delta CEO Ed Bastian revealed the company is in talks with SpaceX’s broadband unit to offer Starlink internet access to guests.

Meanwhile, JSX has announced that Starlink services will arrive on its private flights later this year. JSX offers private jet services at commercial rates.

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SpaceX’s Starlink service is coming to Hawaiian Airlines


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