Tata Tele Business Services enables SMEs to be future-ready with ‘smart internet’


Businesses need robust, seamless, and secure connectivity to communicate and transact over the Internet. Having basic connectivity is no longer an option, even for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). As businesses around the world strive to have an online presence, many continue to opt for traditional Internet Leased Line (ILL) service for their connectivity needs. However, vanilla ILL services do not extend beyond connectivity, leaving the business owner to deal with issues such as usage visibility, usage control, security, application maintenance, among others. For many SMBs, lack of knowledge and resources remains a critical issue when it comes to supporting IT and security needs.

Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) ‘Smart Internet‘ is a state-of-the-art solution that helps SMBs achieve robust connectivity, security, manageability and clear visibility of its users and network. It is an Internet leased line combined with cloud-based security and a DIY interface that is easy to access, install, use and view. It secures the customer network against malicious websites and online threats and provides SMBs with the first line of defense in a cost effective manner. The solution also provides a dashboard for a real-time view of reports as well as managed services.

Smart Internet: Key Benefits

  • Real-time protection against online threats
  • Access to web portal for managed services
  • Dedicated symmetric bandwidth
  • DIY – Custom selection of feature-based preferences
  • 99.5% service availability

Mr. Mannu Singh, Vice President

Mr. Mannu Singh, Vice President, said, “Smart Internet helps minimize cyberattacks faced by businesses, especially SMBs, and provides seamless connectivity with advanced security at an affordable price. With Smart Internet, businesses can now easily access bandwidth-intensive applications on our highly secure, high-performance network with real-time usage monitoring and manageability to improve productivity. TTBS remains committed to delivering effective digital transformation capabilities and helping businesses accelerate their growth journey.

The software development office of an American company based in India recently upgraded its Internet service with Smart Internet. He said his office uses data service from a local ISP and often experiences reliability and downtime issues. At the same time, they were looking for measures to strengthen the security of their data usage, which would require additional investment. Smart Internet of

Enterprise Services comes as a bundled package of basic firewall and DNS options. Solid fiber connectivity delivers maximum uptime backed by a 99.5% SLA.
This gave them full visibility of the network in terms of utilization, peak load, downtime and allows for proactive monitoring. They got Smart Internet as a complete dedicated bandwidth, security and manageability solution.

Another company, a leader and pioneer in the Indian logistics industry, has improved its business operations with Smart Internet Leased Line. Here’s how:

  • A unified threat management system to ensure security against all cyber threats
  • Secure remote connectivity between server and client
  • A fully managed system with best-in-class SLA and uptime
  • Scalable services according to the future needs of the client
  • Reliable technology partner like TTBS provided robust architecture and end-to-end security

TTBS has seen strong customer interest in the smart internet solution across verticals such as BFSI, IT/ITES, Manufacturing, Education, Fintech, Logistics and eCommerce, Healthcare. Smart Internet is as much for a start-up as it is for an SME that needs an advanced, smarter, faster and more secure ILL to connect and transact.

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