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ST. GEORGE- In what appears to be a response to Santa Clara’s entry into a public-private partnership to have high-speed fiber optic Internet connection to all addresses in the city, telecommunications provider TDS recently announced that it would extend its own fiber optic network. to most customers in the city.

Justin Hearing of TDS completes fiber splicing for new fiber to home area, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of TDS, St. George News

TDS, which stands for Telephone and Data Systems, said it plans to begin construction in the coming months to bring high-speed fiber optic connections to 2,500 addresses in Santa Clara. With 2,407 households in Santa Clara according to the U.S. Census, that number should cover most, if not all, addresses in the city.

“Our network will provide Santa Clara residents with the tools to enable their homes for the future,” Andrew Petersen, senior vice president of business for TDS, said in a statement.

UTOPIA finances and builds a fiber optic network under construction at all addresses in the city. The city of Santa Clara is providing relief funding for any shortfalls through a bond, though the public-private infrastructure agency that oversees UTOPIA said it expects the fees user subscription ultimately render this obligation unnecessary.

During the November 10 hearing when the Santa Clara City Council approved the UTOPIA network for the city, Peterson issued another statement to the council asking that the UTOPIA plan be rejected and that TDS be given a chance to provide 1 Gbps service to city households. However, city officials noted at the time that in previous meetings TDS would not provide a timeline for such a network.

UTOPIA has also approached other local towns for a partnership, including making a presentation to Ivins Town Council on June 2.

TDS says its network to 2,500 homes in Santa Clara will provide 2 Gbps of speed, or 2,000 Mbps and business speeds up to 10 Gbps. UTOPIA said it provides up to 10 Gbps for individuals and businesses.

In an undated photo from spring 2021, UTOPIA Fiber crews lay conduit fiber cables in a neighborhood | Photo by Lynda Shenkman/UTOPIA Fiber, St. George News

UTOPIA and Santa Clara build their fiber optic network but don’t provide the actual service, allowing internet service providers to lease the lines the same way a city builds airport infrastructure and leases terminals to airlines. Santa Clara officials said having multiple providers would spur competition and encourage other providers to improve their networks, while increasing service and reducing costs for the consumer.

TDS will fully finance, own and operate its network.

Although UTOPIA has not published customer pricing, Internet pricing for Internet service providers using established UTOPIA lines in other Utah cities ranges from approximately $72 per month for 250 Mbps to $85 for 1 Gbps up to a maximum of $285 per month for 10 Gbps service. These prices include a flat fee of $35 per month that goes to UTOPIA instead of the ISP. UTOPIA also offers the possibility of terminating or changing Internet access provider at any time.

Although TDS has not announced pricing for the new fiber lines in Santa Clara, according to its website, its current price is $39.95 per month on a one-year contract for 300 Mbps and 74, $95 per month with a two-year contract for 1 Gbps.

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