Tennessee Broadband Accessibility Map Shows Areas Where People Have Reliable Internet Access


The map shows that parts of East Tennessee don’t have adequate internet access, and neither does most of West Tennessee.

TENNESSEE, USA — Broadband affordability is a frequently debated issue among Tennessee lawmakers. In November 2021, the state even received $65 million in federal funds to improve broadband access.

On Monday, the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development said a digital map showing areas where people may not have a reliable internet connection is open for public comment. The map includes filters for different types of Internet connections available throughout the state.

Generally, it shows areas where people can access the Internet with speeds of at least 100 Mbps for downloads and around 20 Mbps for uploads in green. The areas in red are where people may not have internet access at those speeds.

A significant portion of West Tennessee is blanketed in red, while parts of East Tennessee also lack reliable internet access. This shows that some areas of Oak Ridge do not have reliable internet access, as do some areas of Cumberland and Campbell counties.

According to the map, many areas in Jefferson, Sevier, Grainger, and Cocke counties also lack reliable internet access.

Users can search different addresses to see the types of Internet access available there. It also helps users see how many different internet providers are available in a region.

The department urged vendors, local leaders and community members to provide feedback on the online map.

“Our state map will play an important role in helping our team make informed decisions about where to invest broadband funding, both for infrastructure and adoption programs,” said Taylre Beaty. . TNECD Broadband Director.


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