Texas ranks first among states for tech workers


The Houston area can help wave Texas’ newly raised flag, representing its status as the best state for tech workers.

A new study from an IT service automation company System Help analyzed several factors that affect a state’s attractiveness to tech workers, such as average internet speed and coverage, number of tech jobs available, and industry average salary relative to the average of State. When all the data was tallied, Texas came out on top.

Here are some data points that helped propel Texas to the top spot:

  • 31,110 tech jobs are available in the state, demonstrating significant demand for tech workers.
  • The typical tech salary is $103,370, more than double the state’s typical salary of $50,490.

As home to a host of technology companies such as BMC Software, FlightAware, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HighRadius, and NetIQ, the Houston area certainly contributes to the #1 position in the state. According to a 2021 report by the Greater Houston Partnership and Houston Exponential, the more than 8,800 tech-related businesses in the region help generate $28.1 billion in local GDP.

Statewide, the tech sector is pumping $142.8 billion into the economy, according to a recent report of CompTIA, a trade group for the technology industry.

Ranked behind Texas in the SysAid study, four states are considered technology rivals:

  • California, No. 2.
  • New York, No. 3.
  • Virginia, No. 4.
  • Florida, No. 5.

“Tech and IT jobs are increasingly in demand, with generally high salaries making jobs desirable and free coding courses making the industry more accessible. Data reveals it’s easier in some states to work in tech than in others, with demand and wages varying widely from state to state,” SysAid says. “Texas tops our list as the best state to work in tech , and it’s fascinating to see that California, home of Silicon Valley, isn’t [at the] High.”

The CompTIA report shows that nearly 791,000 people work in Texas’ technology sector. Texas ranks first among all states in the number of tech jobs (10,851) added in 2021 and second in the size of its tech workforce (behind California). Texas also ranks second, behind Florida, in the number of tech companies (1,807) launched in 2021.

CompTIA Projects Texas will rank second this year, behind California, in the number of technology jobs added (21,303).

“Unlike other potential innovation hubs, [Texas] quietly fueled the high-tech industry for decades. If Texas ends up rivaling California, the consequences could be enormous, not just for the industry, but for American politics,” according to a Bloomberg Opinion Article published in 2021.


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