This could be the hottest thing Keanu Reeves has ever done


Let me paint your nails too, Keanu.
Photo: Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images

The internet is dark and full of billionaires tweeting stupid things.
So come and rest your tired soul here in a clip from a recent interview with Keanu Reeves. Today, Squire posted an interview with the actor before the next one Matrix following, Matrix revolutions. Reeves, as usual, exudes a quiet charm throughout the interaction. He’s scrolling on his phone a little too long – understandable! – looking for an SMS exchange with Matrix co-starring Carrie-Anne Moss. He’s kind to people who try to stop him for a selfie. (Impossible, but still lovely!) However, it’s this little anecdote, shared by Sandra Bullock – Reeves’ co-star in Speed and The lake house – it takes the cake.

Please, if you will, enjoy this story of Keanu Reeves doing the most Keanu Reeves thing he could do:

About a year later Speed came out, Bullock and Keanu were hanging out, talking about anything, and somehow the subject of champagne and truffles popped up, which isn’t really a topic, but Bullock said casually, that she had never had champagne and truffles. A comment on nothing. “Truly?” Keanu said. “No, I never had them,” Bullock said. The conversation wandered onto other topics.

Sorry to interrupt, but I just want to make sure you’re seated for the next part. Are you seated? Great. To continue.

A few days later, Bullock was sitting in the living room of the tiny house she had bought – her first home – with a girlfriend. They painted their nails. She heard an engine outside, which turned out to be Keanu’s motorcycle. He rang the doorbell and Bullock opened the door to find him there with flowers, champagne and truffles. He said, “I just thought you might want to try some champagne and some truffles, to see what it looks like. He sat down on the sofa. Bullock poured champagne and they opened the truffles. Keanu held out his hands, without a word, and Bullock painted his nails black, like his own.

It’s not dramatic, but I would watch a feature film recreating this moment between Keanu and Sandra. To stop on a motorbike with flowers, alcohol and chocolate? Unreal. Aspiring. On the verge of pornography.

Also, I want to mention that I, too, have never enjoyed champagne and truffles. Plus I’m free most nights and have an assortment of nail polish. Something to think about, Keanu!


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