Two brothers from Kerala develop software to improve the speed of old computers and mobile phones


One of the main problems faced by those who use smartphones and computers, especially those who play on professional computers and develop games, is that the hardware becomes obsolete very quickly. There are huge updates in the hardware market in a few months.

Two brothers – Vishnu Nair and Vasudev Nair – have come up with a unique software solution for this problem. Using ‘Virgin. tech’, a technology developed by these two students, allows you to increase the speed of your mobile phone and your computer, but also to increase the space.

Vishnu is a third year B Tech student at Saint Joseph’s College, Pala and his brother Vasudev is a Plus Two student at Marian Senior Secondary School, Kottayam.

Virga will help with 3D rendering, game development, animation, and games that otherwise require super fast computers.

One can log into the Virga website through a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Apart from providing the speed and space you need on your device, Virga can also ensure the optimal use of the device’s battery.

With a high-speed Internet connection, the speed of a ten-year-old computer can be compared to that of a Windows PC with a graphics card, says Vishnu.

With Virga, your mobile phone can reach lightning speed. Your regular smartphone can be used for uninterrupted gaming, video editing and other functions with this software. Storage, RAM and CPU are completely under our control.

In just three steps, your normal PC can be transformed into a high-end gaming computer. The first step is to log in or register on Virga. In the next step, you can choose the type of service you need. The third step is to decide on the time period to enjoy the particular service. One can enjoy 3 GBPS speed for work, gaming and streaming using Virga.

Currently, Virga free trial is running. The first hundred people who sign up for Virga are eligible for the free trial. Soon the fully equipped version of the software will be ready and can be used by anyone.

Bored during times of COVID lockdown, the two brothers tried to play computer games on their PCs at home, but to no avail. The idea of ​​how to play such games on an ordinary PC prompted them to develop Virga. Our parents were very supportive when he brought the idea home, adds Vishnu.


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