Updates on Opennet Services (aka Ezecom)


Since the announcement of the takeover by Ezecom Co., Ltd of the highly indebted company King Technologies Co., Ltd (KT), which uses the brand name OPENNET on May 5, 2022, there has been a significant increase in requests from clients. Ezecom extended all possible customer touchpoints of all combined Ezecom and OPENNET 24 branches nationwide, contact center and website online form as well as Ezecom mobile apps. Ezecom has also opened all its branch operations 7 days a week, to ensure that all customer concerns and complaints are duly noted.

Customer grievances have increased since February, when the Telecommunications Regulation of Cambodia (TRC) highlighted the potential risk of license revocation if KT fails to settle its debts. Since then, many customers have been worried and uncertain about the continuity of OPENNET Internet service, especially their prepaid services. Coming out of the intensity of COVID-19 and experiencing post-COVID life, customers are suddenly faced with internet disruptions. This was further infuriated by the large network which was having issues and not being well maintained and supported during these times.

As KT is now in receivership, Ezecom has been instructed to normalize the situation to avoid a potential internet disaster due to its networks being tampered with by unknowing parties. Also, to build support and an effective network to move forward into the future and able to support future national and economic growth. Ezecom has taken up the challenge of taking on these heavy responsibilities of:

First, to enforce good network standards and best practices.

Second, the stability of the Internet network in terms of performance, availability and speed.

Third, attend to tens of thousands of customer complaints to deal with.

For the above, Ezecom has activated its ICT team of highly qualified and experienced technicians to deal with the most complicated network migrations. In the process, we discovered distorted information and scrambled network designs. Ezecom has also radically upgraded its technical resources of skilled network resources and Customer Service Consultants (CSCs) to successfully complete the migration. As incoming requests keep pouring in, Ezecom increases CSC resources to 7 times.

The most pressing issue in this restore was disconnected internet services. To solve this problem, Ezecom has reorganized operations by confirming the schedule within 3 days of customers arriving at Ezecom. Then in the next 7 days, Ezecom will be able to deploy its technical means to reconnect the restorations. Due to the extreme wave of concerns since May 5, Ezecom has completed 75% of these restorations. There is still a balance of 25% to be covered, to which Ezecom contacts these customers to provide a confirmed schedule (date). This provides certainty to customers and helps them manage their expectations.

Ezecom expresses to all customers who are still experiencing difficulties that we are fully focused on restoring all service to normal and doing everything we can to resolve and restore the situation as soon as possible. The company seeks the understanding and patience of its customers as we work to restore high-quality Internet service.

Below are the highlights for customers’ kind reference:

1. All OPENNET customers have received a new customer identifier (CID), by SMS. If customers have not received one, please contact our contact center or website.

2. Ezecom points of contact:

a. Contact Center Numbers:
1. 023 888 181
2. 085 888 181
b. Website: www.ezecom.com.kh
vs. Branches: https://ezecom.com.kh/offices
D. Mobile Apps: “ezecom app” which you can download through play store and app store.

3. Bill Payments: Please go to Ezecom website and enter CID to access payment details


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