Virgin O2 broadband upgrade available to 15 million customers – Forbes Advisor UK


Virgin Media O2 will bring faster broadband speeds to more than 15 million homes after completing a two-year upgrade project.

Customers in areas where the provider has installed its broadband cables will be able to take advantage of gigabit broadband, which offers download speeds of 1,000 Mbps or more. Right now, the median download speed in the UK, as measured by the regulator Ofcom, is around 51 Mbps.

Virgin Media O2 says its gigabit service will allow download speeds of up to 1130 Mbps, about 22 times faster than the UK average. During testing, the vendor was able to achieve speeds of 2200 Gbps.

Rather than the fiber optic cables used by BT, Sky and other fiber optic providers, Virgin Media O2 uses copper coaxial cables. Instead of having to lay new cables for its improved service, the broadband provider was able to update its backend systems to improve performance.

As a result, Virgin Media O2 claims to be the only major Internet service provider to have completed a gigabit upgrade program on this scale.

Gigabit revolution

Lutz Schüler of Virgin Media O2 said: “Just two years ago we set out to lead the gigabit revolution in the UK and today we have held up. Our investment in bringing gigabit broadband to every home on our network has catapulted the UK’s digital infrastructure by a decade. “

Gigabit connections are available from other providers using fiber optic connections, which have a higher cap on download speeds and cover more of the country than Virgin Media O2’s cable network.

However, for those not in a Virgin Media O2 wired area, gigabit broadband requires a Fiber To The Premises (FTTP) connection, which is currently only available to 21% of UK households.

In 2019, Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledged to achieve a “full fiber” FTTP connection in every home by 2025. The promise was then replaced with a “gigabit compatible” connection for 85% of addresses, which means Virgin Media O2 technology and the latest upgrade count towards this goal.

Our broadband postcode checker will show you, based on where you live, if you qualify for gigabit broadband through Virgin Media O2 cable service or an FTTP connection. Visit our broadband comparison page to get started.


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