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May, for me, felt better than all the winter months combined. How can we live without bare feet in the green grass, without leaves on the trees for half the year, without hot sun on our faces, arms and legs, or without sunny evenings outside with family and friends ? I had almost given up on Maine this winter, and yet, in May, I hinted that there may be nowhere else to sink into contentment as we so easily can, now.

The Broadband Committee met last week. Mission Broadband and the new owners of Unitel are working in town to determine which houses are connected to the Internet and which are not, so you can see someone walking around with a clipboard; please don’t worry if you see this. Waldo residents should go to mainebroadbandcoalition.org/ and do the internet speed test. This will help the city with future grant applications. You can do this once a week or whenever you feel like it. When the technical study is complete, there will be a public question and answer session with the committee.

Thank you to the members of the Broadband Committee for their continued work and for keeping us informed. Internet in our house is a problem if we both need to be on a video call, so broadband advancements are always appreciated!

We had a new bird sighting on our lawn this week, a brown thrasher. It is often misidentified but if you see it close enough you would know it. I can only assume he was visiting for our longer grass than usual at the moment and the proximity to the edge of the forest – the habitat features he prefers. It’s always fun to see a new bird.

What’s going on in your area of ​​Waldo? Email me and let me know, and enjoy the end of May!

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